CBG Oil – 1000 MG


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Plain Jane CBG Oil is the clearest, purest, smoothest CBG oil available.

Our bottles come in 1oz with 1000mg of full-spectrum CBG (<0.3 % THC). Our full-spectrum CBG oil contains the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant and contains only two ingredients:  CBG extract and MCT oil.

1 full dropper = approximately 66mg CBG

Most consumers use CBG oil tinctures like this one by expelling a full or half dropper under their tongue and holding in place for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing.

33 reviews for CBG Oil – 1000 MG

  1. Tim Wiggins (verified owner)

    Dropped shipped to family member, first time cbg users, said their situation has been indeed impacted by the use of your product. Thanks so much for your great products.

  2. Jarred Hammer (verified owner)

    Saved my life. Love this stuff.

  3. Soryl Stanley (verified owner)

    I’m still figuring out the CBG. It seems to help me sleep at night when I take it in the morning and keep me up when I take it at night. It has helped a lot with inflammation and increased flexibility in my hands.

  4. Nathan Smith (verified owner)

    High very quality cbd for a great price!

  5. Marshall (verified owner)

    I’ve been using plain Janes CBG oil for a few months now to combat tension migraines, and it works very well for that. I think this is a little bit stronger than regular CBD oil, and is a great pain reliever, but I don’t notice much difference in the mood for anxiety or depression. Love the product wish that they would have a section of their lab results dedicated just to this product though

  6. Patricia Whited (verified owner)

    Wonderful! Great price too!

  7. Triston (verified owner)

    This oil gave me a nice subtle calm and put me in an ok mood. But I noticed feeling irritable and angry after about an hour of taking it and the next day.

  8. samara ehrlich (verified owner)

    Came so fast and it works so great thankyou

  9. BILLY MCSWAIN (verified owner)

    Verdy gooood

  10. Jason Mcdougald (verified owner)

    Not bad good taste , good effects helped with my back pain.

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