Blueberry Diesel


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Blueberry Diesel CBD hemp flower has a potent cannabinoid profile and less than 0.3% THC. Our Blueberry Diesel hemp flower buds are dense with a fruity, diesel-like aroma. The flavor is a mix of delicious blueberries with slight undertones of diesel.

TheΒ  Blueberry Diesel CBD hemp flower is a hybrid of incidica blueberry with sativa Sour Diesel.



61 reviews for Blueberry Diesel

  1. Marcus Martinez (verified owner)

    Very good product, love the quality. The flavor is harsh, doesn’t taste like blueberry. I guess that’s why diesel was added to the name. And with the pandemic going on, my product came in fast, and I didn’t pay extra on the shipping. I will be ordering more soon.

  2. Kj (verified owner)

    Smells and taste great

  3. Mandy (verified owner)

    Works well for pain!

  4. Aime (verified owner)

    Fruity and delicious! Loved this one. Good for day or night as it’s a hybrid.

  5. Kierra Sandifer (verified owner)

    Smells amazing and smokes really good! I would absolutely purchase again! I mix it with the Jack and it’s a good combo. Def a bedtime mix.

  6. Chiquita Downs (verified owner)


  7. Chase Wynia (verified owner)

    Very tasty!

  8. Kenten Becker (verified owner)

    Great taste ok high great mixed with something a little stronger

  9. Mankarpae Mahn (verified owner)

    Taste like real diesel

  10. Benjamin Douglas (verified owner)

    Like my review of the SD strain this was pretty much the same thing. I couldn’t tell a difference in looks/smell/taste between the two at all. Doesn’t look like the pictures and def doesn’t have a blueberry or diesel smell/taste. It was effective for relaxation/sedative effects though. Neither one was what I’d call all that great. I’ve had better brick “reggie” bud back in HS in the 90’s that would kick it’s butt.

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