Blueberry Diesel


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Blueberry Diesel CBD hemp flower has a potent cannabinoid profile and less than 0.3% THC. Our Blueberry Diesel hemp flower buds are dense with a fruity, diesel-like aroma. The flavor is a mix of delicious blueberries with slight undertones of diesel.

TheΒ  Blueberry Diesel CBD hemp flower is a hybrid of incidica blueberry with sativa Sour Diesel.



61 reviews for Blueberry Diesel

  1. Lisa A. Rooney (verified owner)

    It really helps with fibromyalgia pain! It helps me to be able to move my body.

  2. Roa Roa (verified owner)

    Great product,highly recommend it

  3. Nicholas Woodall (verified owner)

    80% blue 19% diesel. 1% berry
    no blueberry flavor. Could be fresher, I get buds from the corner store that are moister… and im in phx az

  4. Christopher Groeber (verified owner)

    Stick to 1/8s .. Any strain i tried (its been a few) over an 1/8 is short as heck.. Most Qs have like 5 grams in them ..not 7 … Im in the medical marijuana program for my state and anything ive bought from them always and consistently are 7 bowls each 1/8 ( .5 grams a bowl)… Im only getting 9 or 10 bowls out of each Q… I should be getting 14 (2 grams short)… All the time it wasnt just one purchase … Which sucks because its its decent hemp .. Prices are right .. You just get shorted every time so that price point takes a hit

  5. Joseph f (verified owner)

    Great effects ok taste better than most

  6. Pkm (verified owner)

    Great product, good vibes, feel energized

  7. Evan Edwards (verified owner)

    Nice fruity taste

  8. Matthew Constantin (verified owner)

    Blueberry Diesel Hemp Flower: 17.5% CBD good flavor on its own but really enjoyed adding it to other strains with some kief and cbg the high cbca really drew out the potency also flavor married real well

  9. Daniel Wawro (verified owner)

    always great buds from Jane πŸ™‚ …blueberry diesel is my favorite

  10. Tainna Alc (verified owner)

    This by far is my favorite strain from Plain Jane. The smell, the taste and it’s uplifting. It’s my everyday flower.

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