CBD “Caviar” Twax Joint

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What is a caviar joint? A CBD hemp flower joint rolled in high CBD distillate oil and then rolled in high CBD kief to seal in the flavor. A caviar joint is like a pre-roll version of hemp moonrocks.

This CBD Caviar Twax Joint is packed with approximately 35% CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

Reviewer Jason Winfield tells us,

“Oh man! these twax joints are awesome! I get a great uplifting feeling, Pain relief, And just and all around great mood! Man I’m telling you, No one is better than Plain Jane!!! I’m about to order more of these!!!!!!!”


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47 reviews for CBD “Caviar” Twax Joint

  1. Christine Hernandez (verified owner)

    So much smoke but it gets the job done!!

  2. Rin (verified owner)

    I did not like this one at all.

  3. Shenita Smith (verified owner)

    Just great!

  4. Peter Lor (verified owner)

    I couldn’t finish it

  5. Thomas Shelby (verified owner)

    I tried a half of one of these and it worked well for my pain. I ordered the 3 pack of the smaller ones to control the dose I need and I will see if it works. Very strong and I have to use the high CBD products or it is not going to work for what I need it for. Try this if you have pain and see if it works as good for you. Great product!

  6. Adam Lynch (verified owner)

    This was an interesting product. What holds it back for me is my personal experience, which would be more like a 2/5, but I think it’s a good product that works as intended. In my case, the effectiveness was not as novel as I expected with so much CBD being inhaled. It was just too much smoking for me without enough results to justify it. And afterwards my lips were all sticky and brown – not pleasant. However, it smoked nice and slow and had a fine taste. The product was just as it appeared in the photo and it did have a ‘cool’ factor. Just not for me.

  7. Rachel Harris (verified owner)

    Relaxed me and made it easy to sleep worked amazingly!!

  8. Dani (verified owner)

    I really liked this joint. It has a very smooth smoke and smells great. The only issue with it was the filter broke off while I was smoking it, I’m not sure what exactly happene.

  9. Jordan Moore (verified owner)

    It got me lifted

  10. emily (verified owner)

    Super chill❤️

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