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Jack Herer CBD Flower

Hi, we're happy to share our CBD Flower Strain Naming Competition with you. We recently started our own grow and we've started it with our own strain. We've crossed a Jack Herer CBD Flower strain with a Berry Blossom. The result should be exciting and we're not totally sure what the cbd flower will look like.
One of our new strain's parents is pictured above, Jack Herer.
We also have no idea what to call it. That's where you come in to help us name this new cbd flower strain.

The way it works is simple. You leave a comment below. Don't leave a comment as a response to anyone's, just a top level comment.

Every minute or so, we recalculate the point total and refresh the leaderboard. You can see the prizes too.

May the best name win and if you're curious, we cannot use bad words in our name. I'm sorry.

Our Leader Board

by: tsc
Winning 1/2 pound
Berry Jacked Up
by: Lola weise
Winning 2 ounces
by: Fried Guy
Winning 1 ounce
Acai Haze (berry Blossom has a distinct acai scent which are berrys from the Amazon and herer was invented whit the intent to create a haze hybird) this is probably the closest flavor and smell profile it's gonna be
by: Fried Guy
Winning 1/2 ounce
Fuzzy berrys
by: Fried Guy
Winning 1/4 ounce
Dream of Jeannie (Jeannie was Jack's wife and the editor of his book - strain name refers to the TV show "I Dream of Genie")
by: Jackie DiNatale
Winning 1/4 ounce
Dutch Candy "Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s, where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain."
by: Jackie DiNatale
Winning 1/4 ounce
The Empress
by: James Rubly
Winning 1/4 ounce
Grape Guru
by: Jackie DiNatale
Winning 1/4 ounce
Berry Boomer
by: professor weedington
Winning 1/4 ounce

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More Info About The Plant

The strain is a cross between our Jack Herer Strain and a Berry Blossom originating in Colorado. In the hemp (and cannabis) worlds, genetics can be a little fuzzy. The origins of certain strains aren't always clear and it's important to test evreything.

We honestly don't know how it will turn out, but our best bet is to look at its parents.

Jack Herer is uniquely cool because it has terpinolene in its terpene profile. This is the same flavor that makes most of the recognizable Durban Poison strains. It's likely that this new strain will have some of that in its terpene profile.

Check out our Jack Herer CBD strain by clicking here.

Growing Hemp Plant

Here you can see the plant growing. We expect plant to be harvested and ready to go by the middle of April.

For our grow, we're growing inside of a sealed greenhouse during the winter here in Oregon. Our greenhouse has multiple levels of insulation to keep the plants nice and warm during the cold.

We've decided to use clones because we feel that clones provide the most consistency in the flower. With seeds, you can have the same genotype and small modifications cause the flower to actually show a wide variety of phenotypes.

With clones, everything is exactly the same and you don't have to worry about the terpene profle changing from one batch to the next.

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