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Herbal, pine, and peppery flavors punctuate the historic Charlotte’s Web CBD hemp flower strain. Colorado breeders Stanley Brothers were some of the first to cross marijuana strains with industrial hemp to increase its natural CBD potency. Surprisingly, selective breeding techniques like this have been used in cannabis cultivation since ancient times.

The Charlotte’s Web name is also significant, as it was bred specifically for Charlotte Figi, a young girl with a rare seizure disorder. This hemp strain’s story has caught news headlines and sparked battles with the FDA for making health claims.

Reviewers of the Charlotte’s Web strain say that it is relaxing, uplifting, and may help with pain, stress, and anxiety. These observations have not been clinically evaluated or approved by the FDA, but offer some insight into what using Charlotte's Web could feel like.

The CBD content of Charlotte’s Web hemp can range from 15 to 20% with legally compliant (<0.3%) levels of THC that will not get you high. Still, take caution consuming CBD hemp flower as it may be mistaken for actual marijuana.

Research on CBD suggests that it could have many beneficial health properties. These properties can interact with medications and may not be right for everyone. It is important to talk to your doctor to find out if CBD is right for you.

148 reviews for Charlotte’s Web

  1. Trina Brooks (verified owner)

    Nice Flower

  2. Robert Zimmerman (verified owner)

    Great prices and feels great right after you smoked it wish it was a higher cbd count

  3. Josh Modeer (verified owner)

    Very pleased. Was a little skeptical until I tried it. I’m very happy I found plain Jane. I can quit shopping around now!

  4. Robert Salazar (verified owner)

    Excellent. Using it for CBD oil

  5. Adonis Diaz (verified owner)

    I have a Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia, so I deal with a lot of chronic pain, headaches, and muscle tremors. Charlotte’s Web has become my favorite strain of hemp to smoke for my illness and Plain Jane’s is by far the best value deal I have been able to find! It’s potent in it’s ability to relax the muscles and it provides such a great sense of calm to my racing mind. I’ll keep buying time and time again <3

  6. Dorethea Williams (verified owner)

    This is very nice also

  7. Eli S. (verified owner)

    This was great! Its a very smooth smoke by itself and it really helps carry other strains if you mix it. I can’t really describe the flavour… Maybe a light herbal flavour. My partner loves it for his chronic pain.

  8. bdub (verified owner)

    Great product

  9. Don (verified owner)

    I get the great benefits of high Cbd from this product with a little boost of energy as well!

  10. Trina Brooks (verified owner)

    Nice flower. Fast Shipping

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