King Palm CBD Blunt 1.5g

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Our 1.5g CBD blunts are made with King Palm Leaf cbd blunt wraps, giving them super smooth, slow burn. These are hand-rolled to perfection.


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88 reviews for King Palm CBD Blunt 1.5g

  1. Thomas Evans (verified owner)

    I enjoy these very much. I am no longer taking 2 strong opioids or Xanax for anxiety. I am feeling better and sleeping better than I have in several years.
    No more ball and chain of opioids

  2. Thomas Evans (verified owner)

    Well worth it! No more opioids or Xanax,
    Feel better and sleeping better than I have in several years

  3. Carlos Torres (verified owner)

    They are the bomb

  4. Pkm (verified owner)

    Didn’t expect much from this, and boy was I surprised! Great product.

  5. Minah Barajas (verified owner)

    My favorite out of all the pre-rolls I purchased. They burn so smooth and the quality is impeccable and I feel so relaxed after smoking. I will continue to purchase these.

  6. Allison Lerman-Gluck (verified owner)

    I got the Charlotte’s Web strain, and it provided such lovely physical and mental relief.

  7. Cristian Gomez (verified owner)

    Great smoke and smooth smoking for a rainy day.

  8. Kenneth Ragland (verified owner)

    It was a great smoke pulled real smoothly also really liked the blueberry diesel

  9. Corey M (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 king palm blunts but got Raw Cones instead for some reason : (

  10. Dominique Brown (verified owner)

    Other great product! Very smooth!

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