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Delicious sticky Mongo CBD hemp flowers have dense bright green buds. This smooth strain has a sweet aroma with hints of citrus, mango, and pine. The Mongo hemp strain is great for creative energy and is said to be uplifting for daytime use.

Please consume Mongo CBD hemp flower with care as it may be mistaken for marijuana. This can lead to unfortunate legal confusion that is best to avoid. If you would like to tell us more about your experience with the Mongo CBD hemp strain, please contact us or better yet- leave a review.

47 reviews for Mongo

  1. Rocco (verified owner)

    TPJane hemp products are 100% spectacular! All flowers are worth it.
    Hemp/CBD is the way to go for me, effects are dif in everyone…give them all a try.

  2. Kalandra Williams (verified owner)

    Shipping took a while

  3. Verna Myers (verified owner)

    Super chill…

  4. JC (verified owner)

    I absolutely love mixing my CBD flower with my medical Marijuana. Helps balance me out for my severe PTSD.

  5. Cardoza Howard (verified owner)

    Good very please poo

  6. Skye M Valerio

    I smoked weed maybe 5 times in my entire life. You know the old school high-school/college years, token outta a beer can and whatnot. But to be honest, i have always loved looking at the beautiful buds and the smell….anyways…onto the review. Ive taken cbd oils before. This was my 1st time smoking cbd flower. I have horrible anxiety, and meniers disease which causes really bad bouts of vertigo. This worked for the anxiety, what?!!! Im shocked, astounded, and so happy. Even if it just takes the edge off. I do not want to take pharmaceutical pills. I would prefer the natural route. So all and all, i dont think its a bad little bud.

  7. Leon bunch

    Had sum seeds but great to start growing lol 😂 but this product is as seen must go buy in bulk they got a deal 28g small buds 32$ can’t beat it others sites 84$ 64$ small buds and takes 4 ever to get not pain Jane start shopping what are you waiting 4 🙏👉🏽- leon

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