Crystal Smoking Pipe

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These beauties are perfect for your at home smoking routine


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19 reviews for Crystal Smoking Pipe

  1. Candace Cabbil (verified owner)

    I LOVE my rose quartz crystal!

  2. Verna Myers (verified owner)

    easy to use-love the colors

  3. Cindy Mullins (verified owner)

    Great pipe, I’ve been ordering all the pipes, this one and only so far came in a box with a small kit extra screens and cleaning brush. Why the extra packaging for just this
    one and not others but besides that great product.

  4. Linda Acuna (verified owner)

    Great product

  5. Kristina Johnson (verified owner)

    Works great and very durable

  6. Steven Betterly (verified owner)


  7. Iris Pena (verified owner)

    great for traveling with when you just want a small bowl. There’s no carb on this so you do have to be careful not to hit it hard or you’ll get a straight shot of heat to your mouth. Love the clean cuts on the stone.

  8. Shannon Ayuyu (verified owner)

    I ordered the tianshan blue stone and received the white with Grey quartz looking one.

    I liked it and didn’t even realize the wrong one was sent until I tried to smoke out of it and it wouldn’t draw because it had a huge crack down the side. It didn’t come in an extra box, just wrapped in bubble wrap.

    I emailed and explained the wrong color was sent and it had a crack down the side where the carb was, sent in photos and they sent out the replacement right away.

    The replacement came in a nice little box that had two extra screens and a cleaning bristle, the first one didn’t have either of those.

    I love my little pipe.

  9. Steven (verified owner)

    Love it

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