1 Gram Premium CBD Kief

(109 customer reviews)


109 reviews for 1 Gram Premium CBD Kief

  1. Nanie Robinson (verified owner)

    So this product is very good when I first got it I was skeptical on it but I had always wanted to do a review for it so I saved it and purchase them when I tell you that affects our media storage in Hill and exhale anxiety pain overall well being comes over you I really recommend this product really if I could I would give them more than just a five star

  2. C.S (verified owner)

    It’s really good. It is a bit too harsh on your throat and lungs to smoke by itself, so I suggest adding it to your buds.

  3. shawn ballard (verified owner)

    I’ll be back for more

  4. Ando (verified owner)

    If your hemp flower doesn’t seem to have the kick it once did, sprinkle a little layer of this stuff on it. Turns the potency of your existing product up a notch

  5. Martin Perea (verified owner)

    I like this product and would buy again. The only reason I gave 3 stars on Customer service was because when it arrived in my mail box you could smell the CBD through the box and not sure it will be a good thing for some people when receiving it in their apartment mail boxes. Maybe they need to rethink how they package their product.

  6. Max Keablr (verified owner)

    This product is a cheap and easy boost to any material you may have that is not getting you your ideal effects. I say it’s cheap and easy because it would take me months to get 1 gram of kief in my grinder. I re-up on kief from Plain Jane every time I’m low and will continue to do so unless the quality changes.

  7. Steve Earl (verified owner)

    good taste

  8. Timothy Stephenson (verified owner)

    After buying and trying. And after I realized how much I paid I realized it’s not better than the flower this company has. Real keif cost alot more.. think about it.

  9. Camilla Scott (verified owner)

    Has a very nice taste & overall calming effect.

  10. Nicholas Cabrera (verified owner)

    Great service good product enjoyed the kief! Looking forward to purchasing again.

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Our Premium CBD Kief is extracted from our highest grade hemp. Kief consists of broken off trichome resin glands filtered through a mesh screen. Our kief is high in CBD, heavily concentrated, and full-spectrum.

How Kief Can Be Used:

  • Sprinkle on top of a packed bowl or in a rolled hemp joint
  • Make your own hemp twax joints or moonrocks
  • Add to homemade hemp cannabutter to boost CBD levels