Purple Gas


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Purple Gas CBD hemp flower is a cross of BaOx and Therapy hemp strains. These potent hemp genetics give Purple Gas a potent CBD content, even reaching up to 18% (and less than 0.3% THC). Reviewers suggest it for daytime use and suggest it may ease pain and anxiety without sedation.

These chunky dark green nugs have hints of purple, and notes of earth, pine, and citrus. The taste profile is earthy and sweet. Purple Gas hemp buds are rich in sticky resin and great for making hemp extracts.

The genetics behind Purple Gas trace back to Hindu Kush, which is a classic Indica strain of marijuana. Purple Gas retains some of the great indica traits of Hindu Kush but provides them in a legal hemp form.

Like many strains of CBD hemp flower, it can be difficult to discriminate from marijuana. While it is legal to use CBD hemp flower, it may raise some eyebrows if you encounter law enforcement. We encourage CBD hemp flower consumers to exercise caution for this reason.

57 reviews for Purple Gas

  1. Christy Billett (verified owner)

    Nice buds good flavor

  2. Thomas H. (verified owner)

    Fantastic Hemp Flower, Purple gas was by far the best strain so far from Plain Jane. Will stock on more soon!

  3. Christopher Groeber (verified owner)

    Stick to 1/8s .. Any strain i tried (its been a few) over an 1/8 is short as heck.. Most Qs have like 5 grams in them ..not 7 … Im in the medical marijuana program for my state and anything ive bought from them always and consistently are 7 bowls each 1/8 ( .5 grams a bowl)… Im only getting 9 or 10 bowls out of each Q… I should be getting 14 (2 grams short)… All the time it wasnt just one purchase … Which sucks because its its decent hemp .. Prices are right .. You just get shorted every time so that price point takes a hit

  4. Gilberto Cruz (verified owner)

    Great flower . great for sleeping and relaxing.awesome.

  5. Teri Zubradt (verified owner)

    I like it very much

  6. Darrel House (verified owner)

    Dry but good

  7. Manny S. (verified owner)

    has a really good smell

  8. Beezy (verified owner)

    Pretty legit…it’s gas ⛽️

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