Acid Rock Indoor



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acid rock hemp

Acid Rock is a euphoric premium hemp strain that is bright green and speckled with well developed peach orange pistils. This Sativa dominant is now offered online at affordable prices at Plain Jane.  Acid Rock is well known for its tight nugs and unique terpene profile cultivated from two well-known hybrids – River Rock Hybrid and Suzy Q. The aroma that comes from breaking open one of these beautiful flowers is like inhaling a freshly rained upon forest with a pungent, but pleasing sweet floral essence.  On inhale the flavors are piney and earthy yet slightly minty. On exhale the flavor is herbal and balsamic. These flowers are nicely cured offering a smooth smoke that is very heady and pleasantly uplifting.  After a few bong rips, you will understand why Acid Rock quickly becomes a favorite sneak-a-toke for so many. 



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