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Affiliate Program

Are you looking to promote an exciting hemp affiliate program? Then look no further, Plain Jane now offers a high-converting hemp and CBD program for internet entrepreneurs in the CBD and hemp game.

Plain Jane stated out with hemp cigarettes and pre-rolls, and expanded into CBD flower, CBD oil, CBD vape carts and more recently, hot products such as Delta-8 THC.

According to, a popular internet marketing tool, “Plain Jane CBD” is searched over 6300 times per month. Previously, we were known as, so there is additional branded search traffic under that name.

In addition, is #2 for the popular rap song “Plain Jane” by A$AP Ferg. While most people searching “Plain Jane” are looking for that song, a big chunk are also searching for the CBD Plain Jane!

Case and point, Plain Jane is a popular and well-converting hemp brand. Our affiliates are doing very well promoting our brand across very channels such as search engines, YouTube and other social media.

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Affiliate Commission Rate

The Plain Jane programs gives a 20% per sale commission to all affiliates on our first tier. To be promoted to the next tier, you must be either over $5000 monthly sales, or specifically approved by our affiliate manager (some higher traffic sites we may manually approve without existing sales).

The Plain Jane program gives a 30-day cookie on all search referrals. The original affiliate link will be credited the comission in a case where the customer goes through multiple affiliates’ links before making a purchase. That cookie stays with the original affiliate even after the sale.

So how does all this sound to you as an eager internet entrepreneur? We are excited to have you join the Plain Jane movement and to see you profit with us!

So, what are you waiting for?

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CBD and Hemp Affiliate Program Rules

To sign up for the Plain Jane CBD affiliate program, we require our affiliates to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Medical Claims – We do not allow medical claims on any of our affiliate content. These medical claims refer to any page where an affiliate link is placed to our program. If there are claims on that page, then you will be given a warning. If it happens again, we may suspend or permanently ban you from promoting our program in the future. Medical claims refer to suggesting that CBD or hemp helps with an ailment, condition, or disease. This includes things like “depression” and “anxiety.
  2. Coupon Sites – The Plain Jane CBD and Hemp Affiliate program does not permit coupon sites to sign up. Usually, these coupons on these sites are fake, unauthorized to mass-market or outright fraudulent. The customer is already looking to purchase of one of our CBD or hemp products. So, the customer checks for a coupon, and goes to this fake coupon site, then they end up on our website through the affiliate’s link to make the purchase.

On that token, if an affiliate has a page that reviews our brand and mentions coupons, or what kind of offers we promote, then this is allowed. The reason why this is ok is because the landing page is not specifically made to promote fraudulent coupons. We ask that all affiliates in our CBD and hemp affiliate program to follow these rules.

We look forward to having you join our team!

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Plain Jane CEO – Lindsey Holthaus