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At Plain Jane, we pride ourselves on having the best quality CBD flower products at the best prices. From our premium CBD strains to our most affordable flower, we shave off the marketing frills and pass the savings directly to our customers. We constantly work hard to make sure that we exceed every expectation you have. From the quality of the flower to the shipping and packaging, we make sure you get the best experience with hemp flower. 

We use TrustPilot to ensure that reviews of our company are completely honest. We couldn’t remove the bad ones if we wanted too. And we don’t want to. Sometimes, we’ll make mistakes and we pride ourselves on having the best customer service to address any and all problems.  


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If you like Pina Colada 🎶🍍, you’ll love these Pina Colada multivitamins with CBD. Seriously they are SO good!! Putting up a few new items today including new gel capsules 🌹
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