What’s your schedule looking like? 📸@chloeandchronic
Feeling real fall festive this week. Idc if it’s basic, we’re loving all the pumpkin spiced things 🎃 @lifteddladies
Breakfast 📸@liftedladies
Delta 8 hemp cigarettes in the convenient little 3 count pouches 👌🙏📸
Ready for the week. 😅📸@weed.peak
Know Your Rights. If a cop stops you, legal searches require consent or probable cause (ex. Something in plain sight). The “smell of weed” is no longer probable cause in some states. ALWAYS first ask the cop if you are free to leave and never consent to a search. 📸@tbrownmedia model : @lilshawtywooo . T-shirts @tryplainjane Sponsored by: Fuck the war on drugs.
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When it’s almost Friday of a 3 day weekend 🎉@koala.puffss

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