Hemp Pre-Rolls

CBD Hemp Cigarettes, Pre-rolls & Vapes

While rolling joints and cones can be fun, sometimes the experience isn’t worth all the hassle. Plain Jane is happy to do the work for you—we provide sleek, discrete, and downright pleasurable CBD filtered, pre-rolls, joints, and blunts.


If you’re a fan of the way CBD makes you feel, you’ll be excited to peruse our hemp and CBD filtered pre-rolls, and joints. One of the easiest ways to experience the positive effects of CBD is through smoking. Not everybody wants to fiddle with a gram of bud and roll on their own. These prerolls will get your day going (or help your day wind down) as easily as possible.

If you are a seasoned smoker looking for a break without the unhealthy pitfalls of tobacco cigarettes, you may find our CBD filtered prerolls or cannabis joints to be a welcoming addition to your routine. Our smokable hemp products deliver the highest quality cannabis plants in an easy-to-use preroll. Former cigarette smokers and smoking newbies alike will delight in this delicate hemp plant blend.

Plain Jane is home to the original low-smell CBD cigarette, making ours the best CBD filtered prerolls in the market. We use a water curing process to dilute the traditional cannabis smell, then give back that good flavor in our rolling paper. If you’re looking for that full terpene profile, don’t worry either. Our full flavor hemp filtered prerolls and CBD joints pack an amazing flavor profile.