Vape Cartridge 510 Battery

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Plain Jane Lithium Ion Batteries are designed to evenly distribute, power and connect to your batteries and cartridges/attachments during vape sessions.

Features include tight tolerance pins to ensure full connection between battery and cartridges/attachments. They are built with a PCB safety microchip sensor to ensure maximum protection and activation/lock safety regulator.
Our batteries have a 510 thread.

*USB charger included*


13 reviews for Vape Cartridge 510 Battery

  1. Alaina Baldie (verified owner)

    durable and effective

  2. Jeff (verified owner)

    Its good asf

  3. Brandon Lymch (verified owner)

    Simple, standard vape battery. I like to have this battery in my lineup, as only having some companies “proprietary” style limits your ability to try new/different products.
    Mine came fully charged and after vaping very heavy on it for about 4 days now, it still hasn’t died on me.

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