2022's Best Delta 8 Brand Online

It’s a competitive market; there’s no shortage of delta 8 producers in the USA. With so much competition and a ton of products online, finding 2022’s best delta 8 brand was certainly not an easy task.

What it Takes to be the Best Delta 8 THC Brand in 2022

What is the best delta 8 brand online? This is a question that delta 8 enthusiasts constantly ask for quality, reliable, and delicious products. 

  1. We find the safe delta 8 brands: It’s important to remember that delta 8 thc products aren’t regulated by the FDA. Many companies have been at fault for producing unsafe delta 8 products that can be detrimental to human health. In fact, fake vape carts containing vitamin E acetate have long been an issue in the industry. When purchasing delta 8 thc flowers, gummies, or vape carts, I always recommend going through a company that ensures all their products undergo third-party laboratory testing. 
  1. Sourcing delta 8: Companies that go to their local hemp farmers are often on the path of sustainable farming. Premium locally sourced delta 8 flowers should ideally promote non-GMO practices for a better environment. 
  1. And, of course, customer satisfaction: There are many delta 8 THC brands online, but to really find out what the good ones are, it’s crucial to look at their customer satisfaction score. You can do this by visiting reliable websites like Trustpilot to understand how a delta 8 the brand values its customers. Based on what we found, both Plain Jane and Exhale Wellness rank high on Trustpilot reviews. 

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2022’s Best Delta 8 Company: Plain Jane Delta 8 

A woman-owned company, the Plain Jane brand has been around for years supporting local farmers across the state of Oregon. The premium CBD hemp company first gained its status for cultivating world-class CBD hemp flowers enriched with phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Over the last couple of years, Plain Jane began to take on the world of delta 8 THC creating premium delta 8 vape carts, delta 8 flowers, and delta 8 gummies for their fans to enjoy. 

But, what makes Plain Jane stand out from its competitors? Personally, for me, it’s the company value. Plain Jane strives to enrich the lives of its fans by providing premium delta 8 the product that consistently produces excellent results. They have gained their army of fans not simply because of the exceptional products they make but also because they meet all the criteria of what I would consider the best delta 8 the brand of 2022.

  • A woman-owned company that aims to preserve the art of CBD and delta-8 THC cultivation. 
  • Potent delta 8 THC products enriched in flavors and aromas you could have only imagined in your wildest dreams. 
  • Sustainably sourced from local farms in sunny Oregon.  
  • Plenty of vegan-friendly options for fellow animal lovers.
  • Delta 8 products comply with federal farm bill regulations. 
  • All delta 8 products undergo 3rd party lab tests to ensure fans receive nothing but the best and safest delta 8.

Exhale Wellness

If you’re well into the delta 8 games, you would have definitely come across Exhale Wellness premium hemp products. Exhale Wellness takes pride in producing high-quality premium delta 8 products formulated to elevate the body, mind, and soul. Now, the renowned hemp company doesn’t just make the standard ‘delta 8 gummy or flower’; they go above and beyond to create premium products suitable to all lifestyles and tastebuds. All delta 8 hemp flowers and extracts are derived from CBD hemp flowers cultivated in Colorado. In addition, all products are 100% organic, free from artificial flavors, and vegan! So, if you’re looking to buy one from one of the best delta 8 brands online, then these guys are one to consider. 


  • Vegan-friendly products 
  • 100% organic and sourced locally from Colorado
  • High potency full-spectrum products that are sure to leave you satisfied

Organic CBD Nugs

Similar to Plain Jane, Organic CBD nugs first started out as a premium CBD hemp company focused on producing organic CBD flowers and similar products. Recently, they dove into the world of delta 8 THC and gained a pretty decent following of fans in no time. The company currently produces delta 8 flowers, delta 8 pre-rolls, vapes, and more. Each product is reasonably priced and offers a generous phytocannabinoid and terpenoid profile. 

According to their fans, Organic CBD nugs consistently provide quality products. For example, when purchasing their hefty delta 8 flowers you’re unlikely to receive a pack containing steam—just pure, wholesome organic flower. As well, fans of organic CBD nugs note that their delta 8 products consistently produce euphoric results, which allow them to unwind and enjoy the day. 

The Verdict: What is the Best Delta 8 Brand in 2022

I gotta say, both Plain Jane and Exhale Wellness rank pretty high when it comes to having the best delta 8 thc products on the market. Both companies promote sustainable farming practices and aim to preserve the art of CBD hemp cultivation. Both companies have a die-hard fan base which tells me that their customer satisfaction game is on point. Finally, both companies produce world-class delta 8 flowers and products that are sure to leave you tingling for more. 

So, what makes the best delta 8 the 2022 Plain Jane or Exhale Wellness brand? Let us know in the comments below. 


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