Best No THC CBD Hemp Strains

As the identified psychoactive compound present in hemp chemistry, THC gets a load of negative publicity. So much so that companies have made big bucks on products that do away with THC altogether. And while broad spectrum blends and isolates definitely do the trick, some people still prefer the direct source.

That’s why farmers have joined the cause. Today, you can find THC-free hemp strains that deliver the all-natural benefits of hemp sans the mind-altering compound. Wondering which one's touted record-breaking THC lows? Here are the most noteworthy strains.


image of harle tsu hemp strain

Rich in CBD, Harle-Tsu sparked an increased demand for low-THC strains because of its unmatched chemistry. With near nonexistent THC content, Harle-Tsu delivers effects that reflect what CBD and its cohorts are truly like.

Ultimately relaxing and soothing, Harle-Tsu manifests up to 24% CBD and ultra-low trace amounts of THC. This leads to an impressively relaxed, indica-dominant profile that eliminates all sense of stimulation and speed.

At full force, Harle-Tsu’s effects envelop the user in a delicate blanket of body comfort. It also eliminates all sense of cognitive distress and apprehension, allowing clarity and peace of mind to take the lead.


Every vendor has Elektra on their shelves, and for good reason. This popular variety can tout CBD levels of up to 20%, leaving little room for its THC counterpart. But it’s more than just the Elektra chemistry that leaves customers begging for more.

The effects of Elektra bind the mind and body into a trance-like, dreamy state that empties the user of all sense of stimulation and motive. As the strain’s chemistry courses through your system, you’re likely to feel incapacitated and slow.

At its peak, Elektra completely disarms its user by initiating drowsiness that few are able to contend with. The dreamless sleep that comes as a result of the strain totally refreshes the system and helps to reboot your mind and body to get rid of stress and discomfort.

image of elektra hemp strain

CBD Charlotte’s Angel

The name itself already tells you what the CBD Charlotte’s Angel strain is all about. A cross between Dutch Charlotte and Red Angel, this strain entirely eliminates THC content so you can enjoy the pure effects of Cannabidiol and its non-psychoactive cousins.

Just like Elektra, CBD Charlotte’s Angel delivers a drowsy flurry that completely tranquilizes its user. At the front end, the strain starts off with a clouded cognition that leaves its user without the motivation to dwell on complicated thoughts.

The body too feels lazy and locked. As breathing slows and discomfort and stress leave both mind and body, CBD Charlotte’s Angel tugs on the eyelids and cradles its user off into a blissful, careless sleep.

image of cbd charlottes hemp strain

What’s the Problem with THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or simply THC has long earned a reputation as a questionable cannabis compound. Its psychoactive effects make it the focal point of laws that have been passed to control the movement of marijuana -- hemp’s high-inducing cousin.

The problem with THC is that it delivers mind-altering effects that can impair decision-making and problem-solving skills. The compound also reduces inhibitions, making it harder for users to resist questionable, dangerous, or risky impulses.

Despite containing THC, hemp has been made legal through the 2018 Farm Bill. That’s because, under the law, hemp should contain no more than 0.3% THC -- a threshold that guarantees zero psychoactive effects.

The only problem? Some people present a sensitivity to THC. So even in trace amounts, they might experience some of the compound’s effects. Fortunately, farmers have developed ways to cultivate low-THC hemp strains that minimize the presence of the compound to near zero.

How to Know a Hemp Strain Has Low THC

It’s not enough to base your decisions solely on strains. Numerous factors come into play when it comes to THC presence in a specific hemp variety. So knowing what to look for can help you zero in on a strain that contains as little of the psychoactive compound as possible.

  1. Read the lab reports - What’s nice about buying from a vendor with certificates of analysis is that they can provide a more detailed look at what you’re actually getting when you buy a specific strain. These reports lay out detailed numbers that indicate how much of each cannabinoid you can expect in the sample.
image of check lab reports

However, it’s not enough to just trust what the paper says. Some desperate vendors will use false documents to make their customers feel more confident in making a purchase.

Ensure that lot and batch numbers batch the report to guarantee that you’re looking at the right document. If you want to make doubly sure, you can even reach out to the lab that conducted the test to see if the reports match their own documentation.

  1. Check reviews - You can unlock loads of helpful information by reading customer reviews about a vendor’s products. Authentic feedback tells you the kind of experience others have had with a specific product that may help you put the certificates of analysis into perspective.

Be careful though -- some vendors have tried faking positive reviews in the past. Aside from choosing products with a significant number of reviews, it also helps to trust only the vendors that use some sort of verification feature that allows just customers to leave feedback.

If you want to really make sure that those CoAs are for the products you’re looking at, you can also look for brands that offer multiple resources for feedback. This includes their website, their socials, and their Google business page.

  1. Buy a sample - Most vendors let you purchase small amounts of product to start. This lets you get a feel of the effects of the strain to see if it suits your needs. If not, then you can sleep well knowing you didn’t buy too much.
image of tips for buying hemp strain

As you test the strain, get a feel for your body’s response. Does it induce lightheaded effects that make you feel clouded and confused? While some strains definitely cause the same, it’s more common among varieties with increased THC content.

More importantly, some vendors make a habit of sending good samples to hook you in only to switch the product out for low-quality hemp once you buy a bigger batch. Look out for reviews that point to this bait-and-switch in case you want to use a sample to make a choice.

Hemp Sans the High-Inducing Compound

If you’re particularly sensitive to THC, these hemp strains prove to be the best choice. So the next time you find yourself in need of a stash replenishment, check out these vetted picks. Not only do they provide the full extent of hemp’s effects, they also do without the tricky impact of THC.


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