CBG Hemp Oil Review 2022

Why Use Hemp CBG Oil?

CBG oil, only slightly different than CBD is known to produce an elevated mood, perfect for helping someone focus and concentrate. The letters stand for Cannabigerol, one of several different phytocannabinnoids sourced directly from hemp. 

Like the other products on the Plain Jane website, CBG Hemp Oil is completely legal according to federal law. It contains no THC, stimulant effects and therefore complies with all federal laws, rules, and regulations. It won’t get you high like other Plain Jane products or bring about any psychoactive effects.

Plain Jane CBG Hemp Oil 

Plain Jane CBG Hemp Oil is sourced directly from the state of Oregon, known for producing some of the best Hemp and Cannabis products in the world. The oil has grown in popularity for the euphoric, energizing effects it produces in most users. 

Customers like it because there is no trace of THC whatsoever making it acceptable in every state. Because there is no THC found in it, it also works great for people who need to pass drug tests but still want some of the health benefits cannabis provides. Along with being free of THC, it also contains no Phytocannabinoids as well.

What Are Customers Saying About Plain Jane CBG Hemp Oil?

CBG Oil from Plain Jane is as pure as any CBG you’ll find in the world. Customers who take it, either under the tongue or orally ingest it love it for the most part. They report a deep mental focus and sustained uplifting energy that leaves them feeling great. Most people use it before they start a project at work or for school, although some even report giving it to their dog. One customer even said they believed the oil is helping to heal their dog’s nervous personality, thereby extending its life, without the use of any other medication. Moreso, they report it works great for them as well, they were one of many who left a five-star review for Plain Jane CBG Hemp Oil. 

Other customers reported it works great but they weren’t happy about the price. Some said it took too long to ship as well, but even they were happy with the product after using it. Often, customers reported quick shipping and delivery and a genuinely joy filled experience with the product. 

As far as taste goes, according to customer reviews it tastes like water with no clear or distinct flavor. Reportedly it works well when added to any drink or beverage or even when added to cereal or smoothies in the morning. 

Plain Jane Hemp Oil Challenge

Taking customer satisfaction into consideration, Plain Jane CBG Hemp Oil passes the test. Besides having a well put together, quick loading website, customer reviews for the oil are mostly five stars. 

 While it’s true, some of them are four-star or three-star, there are not many of them compared to the number of high reviews. Basically, as far as customers are concerned, Plain Jane CBG Hemp Oil is a great product that works as intended, the only complaints typically involve shipping or price. 


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