CBN:CBD:CBG Oil – 1,000 MG


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Our bottles come in 1oz with 1000mg of CBN, CBD, and CBD (333 mg of each) Isolate

1 full dropper = approximately 22mg CBN, 22mg CBD, and 22mg CBG

Most consumers use oil like this one by expelling a full or half dropper under their tongue and holding in place for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing.

Our CBN:CBD:CBG oil is made using the purified extracts from hemp flower. Our oil contains no preservatives or additives. Only the cannabinoids mixed with coconut oil to ensure that you're only getting the cannabinoids that you're paying for.

You can find our other cannabinoid oils here. Learning more about how to use cannabinoid oils and exactly how we recommend using our products.


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    Awesome, works great

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