Aura Vaporizer


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99 in stock

99 in stock

Maximize your vaping experience with Aura! Flowermate's premier line of multi-use vaporizers. Featuring an advanced ceramic heating chamber with full modular temerature range for herbs wax and oil.


Non Combustion Vaporizer

Fully Isolated Air Path


What's Included:


1 Aura Vaporizer

1 Aura Mouthpiece

1 Liquid/Waxy Chamber (Organic Cotton)

1 Medium Stainless Steel Pod

5 Stainless Steel Screens

1 Packing Tool and Dabber

1 Cleaning Brush

1 USB Charging Cable

1 Warrant and Certificate of Authenticity

1 User Manual

2 reviews for Aura Vaporizer

  1. Dorethea Williams (verified owner)

    Great product but mouthpiece breaks after 4 days

  2. Tom C (verified owner)

    I was looking to try and get away from using paper cones to 1, avoid cost of replenishing, 2 not have to smoke with a lighter and flame to avoid carcinogens, and 3, have a portable device to carry while on the road. A vaporizing pen seemed like a good idea for my CBD flower. I would caution you from purchasing this item for a few reasons though.

    – clean taste of the herb
    – portable
    – no fire/smoke/carcinogens

    – the chamber is very small. You get one good hit, maybe 2, and then it seems to be done.
    – the mouthpiece does get hot, keep your lips at the top of the pen, not all the way flush to the curved edge
    – because it gets really hot, you can’t just empty the cartridge and refill at will. You need to wait for it to cool, and it stays warm for a good amount of time. I assume most devices like this have similar issue, and something I hadn’t considered before purchase (although I didn’t order this one specifically, it’s what I received, so reviewing it after using it).

    As much as I wanted this to be a solution, it honestly will probably not be used at all after I get done with this review, which sad to say, buyer beware.

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