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Hawaiian Haze CBD is a bit of a mystery. The name suggests that the marijuana strain Hawaiian Haze was bred with a high CBD hemp variety. Like the marijuana version of this genetic, Hawaiian Haze CBD has pronounced tropical flavors and powerful effects.

Pungent tropical fruity flavors are the hallmark of the Hawaiian Haze CBD strain. Its smell has a hint of pine and pepper. These rich scents come from the plant’s terpenes. Terpenes like myrcene and alpha-pinene are thought to add unique aromas, flavors, and benefits.

Hawaiian Haze CBD buds are airy and vibrant green with streaks of bright orange pistils. The effects of Hawaiian Haze CBD are said to be uplifting and energizing. However, individual effects may vary. Our Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp flower has high levels of CBD within the legal hemp THC limits (< 0.3% delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

While Hawaiian Haze CBD is federally legal, it does look, smell, and feel a lot like the marijuana strain Hawaiian Haze. Please take care in handling hemp flower products with this in mind.

315 reviews for Hawaiian Haze

  1. Tony Glock (verified owner)

    Hawaiian Haze is my favorite Plain Jane hemp flower strain! Its smells wonderful and the High CBD content of the flower is helpful to level out Delta-8

  2. Nicole (verified owner)

    Great chill, relaxing hemp flower.

  3. Travis C (verified owner)

    My favorite so far out of the few strains I’ve tried from Plain Jane. This one and Kush are great. They list it as super chill, i think its more energetic/lifted category but hey everyone is different(I like the Kush for a super chill night time smoke) . Highly recommend giving both a try! Great smell, taste and effects.
    Thanks PJ

  4. cyntrix (verified owner)

    This is probably our favorite strain we’ve tried from Plain Jane. Great smell with a smooth smoke. We’ve ordered it monthly along with Special Sauce for a while no with no problems. It can dry out pretty quickly but that’s probably on us for not storing properly.

  5. Aaron

    It has heavy CBD just like it says in the description, it makes me tired and feel stoned, and non-talkative, but I know I’m not actually stoned. I prefer Lifter, but I am also not used to the high CBD content as that might have something to do with it. it does help me with a daytime nap or with stress if I have any! I only give it a 2 star because of the high CBD.

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