Hawaiian Haze


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Hawaiian Haze CBD is a bit of a mystery. The name suggests that the marijuana strain Hawaiian Haze was bred with a high CBD hemp variety. Like the marijuana version of this genetic, Hawaiian Haze CBD has pronounced tropical flavors and powerful effects.

Pungent tropical fruity flavors are the hallmark of the Hawaiian Haze CBD strain. Its smell has a hint of pine and pepper. These rich scents come from the plant’s terpenes. Terpenes like myrcene and alpha-pinene are thought to add unique aromas, flavors, and benefits.

Hawaiian Haze CBD buds are airy and vibrant green with streaks of bright orange pistils. The effects of Hawaiian Haze CBD are said to be uplifting and energizing. However, individual effects may vary. Our Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp flower has high levels of CBD within the legal hemp THC limits (< 0.3% delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

While Hawaiian Haze CBD is federally legal, it does look, smell, and feel a lot like the marijuana strain Hawaiian Haze. Please take care in handling hemp flower products with this in mind.

294 reviews for Hawaiian Haze

  1. Alex M. (verified owner)

    Great quality.

  2. Tainna Alc (verified owner)

    First time using this particular strain. Smells amazing & the flower itself looks beautiful.

  3. Dianna Cutting (verified owner)

    I liked it except it made me cough a little bit too much

  4. Jeff (verified owner)

    Soon as I open package of Hawaiian haze immediately smelled the sweetness of the flower after a few minutes of smoking it has a very good taste. Not harsh atleast not for me . Its very calming !
    I would definitely recommend Hawaiian haze!!!!

  5. Thomas (verified owner)

    Labeling shows different awesome flower either way

  6. Juan Espinoza (verified owner)

    Favorite strain so far

  7. Jessica Grant (verified owner)

    Releases tension and anxiety. I enjoy smoking this strain

  8. Curtis Hoover Jr (verified owner)

    Have been using this as a addition for my medical marijuana, so I smoke less and, don’t have to visit the dispensary as often, especially since I live in a “Legal Medical Only” state, and its variety is
    limited a best. The West Coast has a lot of different hemp strains too offer!

    Both bring me balanced cannabinoid profile for relief of my migraines, and doesn’t result in a knock-out, couch-lock punch.

  9. Lucia Sims (verified owner)

    Works good for pain

  10. ANDy (verified owner)

    Plain jane delivers quality product. The Hawaiian Haze is one of my favorites. Good stuff.

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