King Palm CBD Blunt 1.5g


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Our 1.5g CBD blunts are made with King Palm Leaf cbd blunt warps, giving them super smooth, slow burn. These are hand-rolled to perfection.

90 reviews for King Palm CBD Blunt 1.5g

  1. Corey M (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 king palm blunts but got Raw Cones instead for some reason : (

  2. Dominique Brown (verified owner)

    Other great product! Very smooth!

  3. Dominique Brown (verified owner)

    Great product very smooth!!! I would definitely recommend.

  4. Dominique Brown (verified owner)

    Great product, fast shipping, I would definitely recommend.

  5. Dominique Brown (verified owner)

    Great product. Very smooth and helps me relax after a long day.

  6. Alexander Magallon (verified owner)

    Very smooth and great tasting.

  7. Christopher Castle (verified owner)

    It’s a blunt. It will get you there

  8. Kenzie (verified owner)

    Not bad would definitely smoke again

  9. Matthew Magallon (verified owner)

    King Palm is amazing !

  10. Stephen Rice (verified owner)

    Burned slow, very pleasant. Felt like it was a healthier alternative.

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