OG Kush (Greenhouse)

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Our OG Kush is an exceptional greenhouse grown strain which was bred by crossing a pure CBD and an OG Kush. A hybrid with a distinctive aroma with nicely developed calyxes coated with sugary trichomes full of cannabinoids. The smoke tastes sweet, hashy and a little spicy like a classic indica. These chunky buds contain high concentrations of each of the following terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, and  Linalool. This super chill strain can be relaxing and sedating. Curl up with some OG Kush and a hot cup of cocoa and get ready to kick back and drift away.


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4 reviews for OG Kush (Greenhouse)

  1. Joseph Zuniga (verified owner)

    Wow this is definitely my fav strain from plane jane very beautiful buds and the smoke is very flavorful definitely recommend

  2. Sharon Sherrill (verified owner)

    This is a great, end of the night toke for some good sleep and relaxation, as well as killer vivid dreams for me.
    However, my son finds that other than a bit of a lift, he doesn’t feel much difference.
    We both use CBD for pain, depression, and anxiety btw. So … different effects on different people.

  3. Larry King (verified owner)

    This OG kush is very good flower just as described nice sweet smell and mild on throat and mellow buzz.

  4. Robert Combs (verified owner)

    Beautiful fluffy big buds, great og kush nose and huge clouds of vapor.
    I could not be more impressed. Very “OG Kush” waves of relaxed bliss!
    Love Plain Jane

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