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Plain Jane Filtered Full Flavor Hemp Pre-Rolls

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This product is under 0.3% Delta 9 THC.
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Discover Pure Pleasure: Buy Full Flavor Hemp Filtered Pre-Rolls

With every Plain Jane CBD hemp filtered pre-rolls, we promise it is:

Bursting with flavor and a fragrance like no other! The premium full flavor hemp CBD filtered hemp rolls have undoubtedly won the hearts and respect of CBD lovers far and wide. Hand-crafted and delicately rolled with our finest CBD hemp flowers, these Plain Jane hemp filtered rolls promise to give you a pleasant experience. Smoking these hemp filtered pre-rolls will release a captivating earthly aroma that lingers on your palette. The CBD filtered pre-rolls burn slow and evenly, leaving behind a smooth cloud of smoke. We must mention that user experience will vary when experiencing the full effects of her flavor and CBD. Most often, fans describe feeling a surge of blissful energy, which leaves the muscles relaxed and stress-free. The Plain Jane Full-Flavor Hemp Filtered Pre-rolls are considered full-spectrum, which means they can elicit more substantial and long-lasting results due to the entourage effect. 

  • 100% free of nicotine and tobacco!
  • Contains no additives or addictive substance.
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC


It’s time to forget the tedious task of rolling a joint! All Plain Jane CBD hemp filtered pre-rolls come ready for immediate use. Simply place the filter end of the joint into your mouth and ignite the other end. Then, gently begin to draw in air through your Plain Jane hemp filtered pre-roll. And, after a second or two, puff out the inhaled smoke.

Hemp Flavors:  

Elektra is a hybrid of Early Resin Berry and ACDC strains with balmy notes of herbal, pine, and pepper.
Lifter is a cultivar of Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud, with fragrant hints of herbal, pepper, and mint.
Sour Space Candy is a hybrid of South Tsunami and Early Resin Berry comprising a balmy, fruity flavor.


Each hemp filtered pre-roll weighs 0.9g and contains 58.59 mg of CBD.

Sold in pre-rolled packs of 3 and 20.


Our CBD filtered pre-roll are 100% hemp and contain zero nicotine.

The hemp material is 8% CBD.

Each full flavor hempette has nearly 50% more CBD compared to Wild Hemp Hempettes.

Please note there is some natural variance from pre-roll to pre-roll as we do not process or artificially alter the natural CBD levels in our hemp.        

Are CBD Filtered Pre-rolls safe? 

While our CBD filtered pre-roll contain trace amounts of THC, it’s not enough to be psychoactive. Our CBD  filtered pre-roll contain zero tobacco and zero nicotine. The terpenes, natural aromatic compounds found in hemp,  Merely help amplify the benefits of CBD.

Can they help me quit smoking?

Thousands of our clients use smoke CBD as a replacement to aid them through the process of quitting. However, while CBD filtered pre-rolls lack the same addictive qualities as nicotine, there is still no scientific proof that they yield the power to stop you from smoking.


Use responsibly and keep out of reach of children. Plain Jane cannot be held responsible for any individual who consumes this product. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use with caution. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.

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  • 5
    “Cigarette” style pre rolls

    Posted by Marc on 27th Jan 2024

    I purchased these for the simple reason that I wanted to try cbd flower in a “truly filtered” manner. I’ve used PJ flower many times and like (to me) all hemp flower/cannabis it’s a bit harsh for my taste. The good: I was proven right. I stayed away from these for a long time because as an “ex cigarette smoker” just the look of the product gave me chills. When you’ve quite smoking cigarettes for as long as I have, the look of a cigarette is pretty awful. However again I wanted to see if a true filter made it “more enjoyable”. I was proven correct. Smoking this style of hemp is easy and caused no coughing or throat irritation to me. The “not as good” - this product definitely doesn’t share the perceived “kick” of loose flower smoked in rolling paper. Definitely seems “less therapeutic” in that respect. In defense of the product, it is passing through a REAL filter and one would have to expect that the filter is going to reduce some of the components in their level compared to rolling paper which is likely for the less harsh experience. I believe I would stick with these cigarette style pre rolls for the time being. I personally only use it once a day in the evening. Again however I was pleased that my experiment worked out. They are way less harsh than using flower without a true filter.

  • 5
    Smooth and cool

    Posted by Michael Shelburne on 13th Jan 2024

    I'm not a cigarette smoker. Not a huge fan of it BUT smoking cigarettes does look cool. So now I can smoke CBD and look cool doing it. Flavor is great, burns and tastes smooth. It does burn pretty fast. Like almost as fast as if I rolled myself but it probably can't be helped. My buddies and I have been cutting the filters in half on these to get a stronger feel from it. Will definitely be buying more.

  • 5
    Plain Jane Filtered Full Flavor Hemp Pre-Rolls

    Posted by Kelly B on 29th Dec 2023

    Plain Jane Filtered Full Flavor Hemp Pre-Rolls have been a game-changer for me when it comes to managing my anxiety and stress. These pre-rolls are specifically designed to provide a calming and relaxing experience, and they definitely delivered on their promise. The filtered full flavor adds a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience, which further helps in reducing my stress levels. The hemp used in these pre-rolls is of high quality, ensuring that I get the maximum benefits. With each puff, I feel a sense of calmness washing over me, allowing me to unwind and let go of any anxious thoughts. These pre-rolls have become my go-to solution whenever I need a moment of tranquility in my day. I highly recommend Plain Jane Filtered Full Flavor Hemp Pre-Rolls to anyone looking for a natural and effective way to manage their anxiety and stress.

  • 5
    Also for people that haven't ever smoked tobacco...

    Posted by Jermal Jack on 17th Nov 2023

    I purchase these on a sale and honestly they are good for the price. calming, smooth pull of smoke and taste ain't bad. I like it because I don't have to roll on the go. If they made these in flavors Id be all over it.

  • 5
    These hemp pre rolls are so amazing and my 2nd package just came today with 5 additional free packs from using their code. So I got 10 packs for 38$! The quality is amazing and they smell great and light. I feel very relaxed, and stress free. I sleep

    Posted by Brandon Hamilton on 31st Oct 2023

    Thanks so much again for these amazing pre rolls, and the outstanding quality of your products.

  • 4
    CBD Pre Rolls

    Posted by Avery on 14th Oct 2023

    These are awesome. They dont smell too strong but still have 'a smell'. Some canoe really hard but others burn evenly. Great replacement for people with an addiction to cigarettes that need to quit. And affordable.

  • 5
    Plain Jane Filtered Full Flavor Hemp Pre-Rolls

    Posted by Roy Brown on 9th Oct 2023

    Plain Jane Filtered Full Flavor Hemp Pre-Rolls October 2023: These are great. The 20 rolls come nicely packaged. They burn very evenly. They look like typical cigarettes but have a pleasant hemp taste. They provide some positive effects from the CBD as well.

  • 4
    Hemp "Cigarettes"

    Posted by Vanessa McGrew on 1st May 2023

    I love these for looking like a cigarette, making them discrete. They do have a hempy smell to them. Only thing I wish is for a higher THC content. According to their images, its only around 0.1 %. I sure wish they'd bring that up to 0.3 %

  • 5
    Best cbd rolls ever!!!!!

    Posted by Casandra on 28th Mar 2023

    These are the best cbd rolls ever. So smooth. Great tastes. My boyfriend literally quit smoking cigarettes 100% and started using the cbd rolls instead. They help my migraines anxiety and eating disorder. I’ve been buying these since they first came out and will continue to use this!