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Small CBD buds are a great economic option. With our small CBD hemp buds you get the same flower strains to grind up and smoke at half the price! Please note that this "small bud" value product is similar to what some would call "shake." It may contain more stems or seeds than would be expected in the full-priced hemp flower.

Our customer Tim says:

“This truly is an incredible deal. I’ve been buying from PJ for a long time now, and normally just pick up a bag of the regular nugs. I won’t be doing that anymore! Grabbed an oz of Electra and came in very fresh, not a lot of leaves, stems, or seeds. If you know you’ll go through an oz and have a fav strain, just do this deal!”

(COA is attached under each strains link)

975 reviews for 1 Oz Small CBD Buds

  1. DaDDy Price (verified owner)

    Just didn’t work for me.

  2. Sam (verified owner)

    I’m liking it

  3. Mr Cool Green IV (verified owner)

    I have small buds – Elektra and small buds – Hawaiian haze. This is the best value offered on Plain Jane. Not as smooth as the big buds but at half the price this is worth it. Additionally any seeds you may find can be collected and grown for your own CBD at home. Would highly recommend.

  4. Jacob Gibson (verified owner)

    Never before have I been so instantly and thoroughly satisfied with a purchase. This is a mind blowing deal and there’s not even much stem and seeds ( I got Hawaiin Haze and Elektra ). Yes it’s a higher ratio than with large buds, but the quality of the flower is superb and the price to flower ratio is insanely good. Smooth smoke, fantastic smell ( especially that Hawaiin Haze! ), pretty fresh buds ( at least both of my bags were ). I feel no need to look further, for the price and quality im completely sold. This is the way to go. Will be buying from PJ many more times now.

  5. Leon Bunch

    Man buy it already don’t even keep looking taste great sum seeds start a grow 28g on the spot I order mongo smell great very dense lot of my neighborhood smoke 💨 and they hit my up looking for sum I decided to give them my sercret service pain Jane 🙏

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