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 How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

CBD has emerged as one of the most popular OTC products in the world, with receipts of $4.15 billion in the U.S. and a projected valuation of up to $6.44 billion. Economists project the CBD industry is on track for a market size valued at $59.3 billion by the decade's end.

CBD oil continues to grow in popularity, leading many to ponder CBD oil's shelf life. If you are one of many consumers curious about expired CBD oil, prepare to be relieved. CBD oil may last longer than you anticipate, and its purported benefits offer longevity that lives up to the hype.

Does CBD Oil Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

No, CBD never goes bad because of a lack of refrigeration. Like most products, CBD oil contains ingredients that may spoil over time. These CBD products get produced by infusing a carrier oil with CBD. Carrier oil includes coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and MCT oil.

If you want to avoid watching your CBD oil expire, we recommend purchasing CBD oil with the least amount of ancillary ingredients. Those concerned about CBD shelf life may find their CBD oil lasts longer when they buy pure CBD. Good quality CBD oil contains three ingredients or less. The best CBD oil comes with a COA (Certificate of Analysis).

Many users operate under the delusion that CBD products require refrigeration. However, CBD oil may get stored in any cool, dry place, regardless of fridge or cooler. While you may undoubtedly refrigerate or freeze your CBD oil for future use, such extreme temperatures remain unnecessary for the storage of CBD oil.

How long CBD lasts ultimately comes down to maintenance. Those who properly seal, and store fresh CBD oil find freshness and potency easy to maintain over an extended period. If you want to ensure longevity, we recommend storing CBD oil in a basement or closet without direct exposure to sunlight. A stash box may also get employed for this purpose.

Whatever you do, keep your full-spectrum CBD oil from contact with open air or water, as these elements contribute to developing bacteria, such as E. coli, mold, and other potential contaminants. Always keep a lid on your CBD oil to keep it fresh and prevent corruption.

When Does CBD Oil Expire?

Most bottles of CBD oil bear an expiration date on their label. These expiration dates or sell-by dates typically place CBD shelf life between one and two years of purchase. However, patrons must keep the date of manufacture in mind. These sell-by dates get calculated from the date broad-spectrum CBD products got manufactured, not the date on which they got sold.

Furthermore, adequately stored CBD oil may last much longer than the label might suggest. For example, seasoned herbal enthusiasts often report keeping CBD oil around for up to three years by sticking to pure CBD oil without additives and keeping their airtight containers away from external threats.

Unsurprisingly, higher-quality CBD oil products tend to last longer than lower-end brands. Good quality CBD oil may last up to three full years without "turning." Depending on your needs, you may want to swap out your old CBD oil with a newer CBD oil after one to two years so that potency is guaranteed. Some users depend on potency to help them unwind after a stressful day.

Some users claim CBD oils expire after 18 months, but many factors affect when CBD products start to "turn." For example, degradation may occur earlier if CBD oil gets improperly stored in a sunny, humid location. Alternatively, CBD products may spoil if users fail to secure stoppers or lids.

CBD Oil Shelf Life: Tell-tale Signs of Expiration

You know the age-old sniff test to see if you need to take a shower or apply deodorant? As it turns out, a similar method may get employed to determine the viability of your CBD oil. When CBD oil goes bad, it takes on an unmistakable stench familiar to motorists worldwide—bad CBD oil smells like skunk.

If your CBD oil gets thick and dark over time, this muckiness may tell us the time has come to replace it. While no emergency attends the aging of expired CBD oil, no reason exists to keep it around once it ceases to work effectively. When your CBD oil gets thick as molasses, toss it out and start fresh.

A gnarly taste may indicate how long CBD stays good; unflavored CBD generally tastes earthy and nutty but never foul. However, expired CBD products, such as CBD isolate, CBD tinctures, and CBD oils, often smell like ammonia or mold. If you taste moldiness, make sure you flush your mouth out.

What Happens If You Take Expired CBD?

No need to worry if you took your CBD oil before realizing it was past its sell-by date. Not only does CBD oil generally outlast its projected expiration, but expired CBD products rarely make anyone ill. Adverse effects of expired CBD oil remain uncommon, though users need to understand the nature of CBD expiry.

When you take older CBD oil, you risk taking degraded cannabinoids, which deteriorate over time. While nausea symptoms remain rare, the drawback should be obvious—older CBD products equal weaker CBD products. Therefore, desired effects may get milder or even ineffective.

How to Make a Hemp Stash Box

Whether you plan on storing some frosty nugs or CBD capsules, a stash box delivers a secure and discreet solution to keeping (and using) your broad-spectrum CBD products. Building a stash box can be fun and organizational, offering users a place to protect their CBD products against mold and bacteria while providing an orderly receptacle for accessories.

A good stash box gives you room for CBD capsules, CBD tinctures, CBD vapes, and accessories, such as a hemp flower grinder, cones, rolling tools, topicals, and more. The bigger the stash box, the more CBD products you may incorporate into your container. All manner of paraphernalia may get stored inside a stash box.

Technically, any material may get converted into a stash box—cardboard boxes, metal lunch boxes, and Tupperware containers all get turned into functional stash boxes by users. The sturdier your box, the longer it may last. We recommend building from craft-grade wood or procuring an old cigar box from eBay.


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