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Best Hemp Flower Cigarette Brands

Trying to kick the smoking habit, but feeling pestered by the desire to drag? We hear you. One of the hardest things about quitting is the constant nagging feeling of wanting to smoke. And while vapes are always a fun alternative, nothing beats the warmth of a light little cig nestled between your lips.

So what’s a cigarette smoker to do? Fortunately for you, hemp flower cigarettes have become pretty common. Offering the same experience sans the nicotine, this non-addictive alternative can satisfy your cravings as you navigate the journey to tobacco freedom.

Wild Hemp

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Established in 2018, Wild Hemp was one of the first brands on the market to take advantage of the changes in the legislature that came as the result of the 2018 Farm Bill. They’re proudly recognized as the first ever business to offer hemp cigarettes, which obviously makes them an authority in the field.

And since they were the first on the scene, Wild Hemp had the advantage of the time to develop products that explore the preferences of hemp smokers around the country. So today, a visit to their website will reveal an interesting assortment of all things hemp cigarettes.

Aside from selling the much larger cigarillos, Wild Hemp also provides flavored hemp cigarette options that cater to those with specific preferences. From menthol to pineapple, to sweet CBD, Wild Hemp offers choices that make smoking an even more dynamic sensory experience.

Redwood Reserves

Another popular brand on the scene, Redwood Reserves holds a pretty large chunk of the smokeable hemp market share. Based in Portland, Oregon, this vendor found the purpose of providing high-quality smokeable hemp products after discovering a major gap in the market.

Using hemp plants that are grown on their own, carefully cultivated, family-owned farm, Redwood Reserves guarantees the safety and potency of their product. According to the vendor, they use only sustainable, ethical techniques and practices to farm their hemp, allowing higher cannabinoid expression in each plant.

While their selection might seem limited, their original and menthol CBD cigarettes have made ripples in the market. They sell their hemp cigs as single pieces (called loosies,) in packs of 20, or in cartons that include 10 packs each.

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Oklahoma Smokes

If you’re one of those buyers who’s particularly careful about the safety of their product, then Oklahoma Smokes might have what you need. These guys use 100% organic hemp plants for their hemp flower cigarettes. For you, that means zero pesticides, herbicides, additives, and other harmful chemicals.

Each one of their cigarettes contains a standard 50mg of CBD. They also carefully dry and cure their hemp to give it a grassy, organic flavor that closely mimics cigarettes so you can have a more authentic experience.

Free from tobacco, nicotine, and additives, Oklahoma Smokes’ cigarettes also come at a slightly lower price than other vendors. With loads of reviews from real buyers supporting their products, it’s tough to find a reason not to trust Oklahoma Smokes with your next hemp flower cigarette haul.

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How to Choose Hemp Flower Cigarettes

More and more vendors these days have started offering hemp flower cigarettes to meet the ever-growing demand. And with more vendors on the scene, you can expect there to be more disappointment as well.

To steer clear of companies that offer less than satisfying hemp flower smokes, make sure you keep these tips in mind.

  1. Buy from reputable sources - The first deterrent to poor quality hemp flower cigs is brand reputation. Vendors who place a high value on their image and reputation have more to lose when they aren’t able to satisfy their customers.

That said, you can expect vendors with an established reputation to fulfill their marketing promises more closely. If you’re thinking about supporting an up-and-comer, make sure to cut your potential losses by purchasing hemp flower cigs in small amounts first.

  1. Ask for lab reports - Certificates of analysis showcase the chemical composition of the hemp flower contained in the cigarettes. This tells you how much of each cannabinoid it contains, and thus the kind of effects you can expect out of a cig.
image of check lab reports

Most vendors today will have certificates of analysis available on their website or sent out with every order. And because it’s become standard practice among most vendors, there’s really no point in taking risks with brands that fail to provide the documentation.

  1. Read reviews - You can learn a lot from what past customers have to say. Reading through verified customer reviews gives you first-hand information about the quality of a product and the lengths vendors go to satisfy their customers.

Keep in mind though that some brands have faked feedback before. So check between resources to see if consistent sentiments resonate across the web.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hemp Flower Cigarettes

Hemp flower cigarettes aren’t new, but they’re definitely not too well known among the general public. So it comes as no surprise that lots of people have questions about cigarettes, what they’re for, and how they work.

  • Are hemp cigarettes safe? Yes. As long as you’re buying your hemp flower cigarettes from a trusted vendor, you shouldn’t have to worry about safety issues. These products contain nothing but hemp -- a federally legal commodity that doesn’t cause addiction or dependence like tobacco does.
  • Can hemp cigarettes help you quit cigarette smoking? They will not cure a cigarette smoking addiction, but they can help. People who substitute hemp flower cigarettes for tobacco cigarettes find that supplementing with a nicotine substitute (like a patch) helps to make the effort more effective.

Remember, hemp flower cigarettes do not contain nicotine. They can only satisfy the urge to smoke, but they will not meet your body’s dependence on certain chemicals found in cigarettes.

image of frequently asked questions about cigarettes
  • Can hemp cigarettes get you high? Hemp cigarettes contain just hemp -- a close relative of marijuana. And although both commodities come from the same plant, hemp is near void of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is the main psychoactive compound found in marijuana.

In simple terms, hemp doesn’t contain enough THC to cause any mind-altering effects the way that marijuana does. So even if you take more than you’re supposed to, you can expect to maintain your mental stability.

  • Are hemp flower cigarettes addictive? There are no compounds in hemp flower deemed to be addictive. These cigarettes also don’t contain tobacco, so you can’t expect to develop an addiction to hemp flower cigarettes the same way that you would tobacco cigarettes.
  • Are hemp flower cigarettes legal? Federally, they are. But remember that various states, cities, and counties have levied their own laws to control and regulate the movement of hemp products within their borders.

Depending on where you live, the laws for hemp flower cigarette legality may change. So make sure you read up on local rules to identify whether hemp flower cigs are safe to use in your area.

Safe to Smoke

Hemp flower cigarettes can help satisfy the urge to smoke minus the harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. And although they won’t resolve cigarette addiction on their own, they can help you take those first few steps to freedom.

Try these top hemp flower cigarette brands on the market and discover premium smokeable hemp products that mimic an authentic cigarette smoking experience.


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