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Can You Buy CBD at Walgreens?

Since the passing of 2018's New Farm Bill, a landmark piece of legislation that removed hemp and cannabis derivatives from the Controlled Substances Act, the hemp plant has become as acceptable as almond milk or kale smoothies. The biggest drugstore chains in America moved in with minimal hesitation, embracing the booming CBD industry.

As CBD grows in popularity, it only makes sense for consumers to inquire about its availability. After all, chains like GNC make it easier than ever to find CBD oil. However, locating the right products at the right prices may be trickier.

Many herbal enthusiasts want to know about CBD availability at retail giants like Walgreens. With so many CBD products finding their way onto the global market, it was only a matter of time before the legendary drugstore chain entered the CBD space.

Reports came in as early as March 2019, announcing the retail outlet's intended roll-out of CBD products nationwide. What started as approximately 1,500 participating locations swiftly grew to encompass more than a third of their U.S. venues.

The following fills you in on what they carry, where they sell CBD products, and what you need to know.

What Products Does Walgreens Offer Containing CBD?

Walgreens CBD products include CBD balms, lotions, patches, and sprays. You may find up to 15 items at any given time, with CBD Cooling Cream dominating the #1 spot for the highest-rated Walgreens CBD solution.

Walgreens' official website boasts a range of accessible health and wellness products from favored brands, such as CBD Unlimited, Medterra, and Sagely Naturals. You may find CBD roll-on cooling gel, topical joint balm, rapid cooling cream, and relief cream. Walgreens locations also sell CBD patches and CBD-containing supplements.

CNBC reports Walgreens started out with the stated aim of giving customers access to the well-being products they believe in. After testing the waters with 1,500 of its outlets, the mega-franchise made haste to expand, selling CBD products all across the United States.

A Walgreens spokesman had no qualms about acknowledging the potential health benefits and media reports regarding CBD products. Today, they sell CBD at a vast array of locations. Sales generated by Walgreens suggest it will lead the $23 billion CBD market along with direct competitor CVS Health.

What States is Walgreens Offering CBD Products In?

Walgreens provides access to CBD products in 3,860 of its 8,699 U.S. outlets. Their mission: give patrons a wider range of accessible wellness products.

Participating locations include outlets in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington.

By contrast, CVS Pharmacies only sells CBD in 800 stores in eight states. That makes Walgreens the smart choice for a wider range of products at a wide range of stores.

Is the Cost of Walgreens CBD Oil Products Worth It?

Before you make a snap judgment, remember that these prices may vary from location to location. CBD Rapid Cooling Cream may sound exorbitant at $24.99, but bear in mind that it contains 500 mg CBD, far more than your average OTC oil.

For comparison, DSC Hemp Cream 200 mg comes in a compact two-ounce container for $39.95, while Medterra Rapid Recovery Hemp Lotion 500 mg goes for $39.99. Walgreens gives you a better deal in this scenario.

Where many stores selling CBD products refuse to accept returns or issue refunds to patrons, Walgreens gives you 30 days from date of purchase to request a return or exchange. Like its online counterparts, Walgreens lavishes customers with a satisfaction guarantee and accessible health and wellness products.

Where Can I Buy CBD Products?

This is a frequently asked question often buried in the conversation about CBD legality, the psychoactive chemical THC, and the fight for industry dominance. To offer readers a well-rounded answer, we compile our favorite online alternatives to Walgreens.

1. CBDistillery (Best CBD Vendor for THC-Free CBD Isolate Oil)

CBDistillery pops up on every list of the best CBD products due to its simple, all-natural approach to wellness solutions. This plant-powered brand provides customers with meticulously designed CBD and Delta-9 goods, which undergo thorough review. Its commitment to CBD education aligns with our own.

CBDistillery THC-FREE Pure CBD Oil delivers a 500 mg isolate of superior potency in a compact bottle, making for a moderate experience. Each bottle of CBD isolate oil comes with a convenient, easy-to-use dropper and detailed labeling. Each order of $75 or more earns automatic free shipping.

2. Charlotte's Web (Best Vendor for Low-THC CBD Gummies)

Charlotte's Web consistently lands on our list of staff picks for the best CBD gummies. This vendor's fastidious process preserves the hemp plant's cannabinoids without relying on THC content for potency. Each of its CBD gummies contains less than 0.01% THC or 100ppm.

As of this writing, you can use the promo code 'SLUMBER30' to get 30% off your total at checkout. That makes these 25 mg CBD gummies as affordable as they are fantastic. Buy a 60-count jar of these scrumptious mango peach-flavored CBD gummies today for only $69.99.

3. Lulu's Chocolate (Best CBD Vendor for Proprietary Chocolate)

Lovers of decadent delectables find much to appreciate about Lulu's Full-Spectrum CBD Chocolate. Available in one-ounce bars, this heirloom treat comprises 80 mg of hemp-based CBD. Every bar features natural ingredients and biodegradable packaging.

In addition to its affordable options (a single bar for $9.99 or a case of 12 for just $99.99), you can score deliciously rich delights like Love Truffles and the frequently out-of-stock CBD Truffles. This vegan brand offers convenient payment options and compostable wrappers.

4. CBDMD (Best Brand for Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil)

This GNC favorite makes Premium CBD Oil in 300mg with natural orange flavoring. Each bottle contains the company's proprietary broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract with MCT oil, natural flavors, and no unnecessary food additives.

CBDMD offers precisely what it sounds like—pure, potent, lab-grade CBD products in line with our efforts. Along with its exceptional potency, CBDMD provides fair-market pricing and easy access via GNC.

5. Mad Tasty (Best Brand for CBD Drinks)

As its name would suggest, Mad Tasty gives you hipper-than-thou CBD products at sick prices. This vendor's line of CBD-infused sparkling waters includes Yuzu Citrus and the delightfully tongue-in-cheek Unicorn Tears. Each drink contains 20 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract and no more than 15 calories per serving.

Mad Tasty CBD Drinks quench your thirst for something new while preserving CBD's time-honored properties. This West Coast brand redefines wellness with its luxurious libations and forward-thinking approach to botanicals. The site's owners believe in forging CBD products from whole hemp plants without a trace of THC.


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