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Can You Travel with CBD? Understanding the Laws and Limitations

A growing number of travelers depend on CBD to get them through the day, but crossing the border with cannabidiol may seem dangerous. Many active users want to know, "Can you travel with CBD?" While predicting the exact outcome of traveling with CBD may be pointless, laws remain in effect.

The following guide takes you through the experience of boarding an airplane with board spectrum CBD products. We separate the facts from the fiction so that you may better comprehend the risks and rewards of traveling with CBD. Here's everything you need to know about federal law (and more).

Can Airport Scanners Detect CBD Gummies?

Yes. CBD edibles appear to modern scanners in the same color as any other form of organic material. Due to the restrictions placed on how many food items or beverages passengers may carry on a commercial flight, edibles may receive an inspection. Additionally, CBD products may get subject to seizure at the discretion of the TSA (Transport Security Administration).

Once edibles get detected by a scanner, a TSA officer may seize the items in question or restrict the amount you get to take on your flight. Ultimately, airport policies and local legislation decide the exact outcome. Procedures may vary depending on your place of departure.

Many sites suggest hiding cannabis products in shampoo bottles, but we disagree. Instead, we advise readers to comply with state and local laws when traveling with CBD. Most TSA agents get surprisingly chummy when travelers proffer transparency instead of trickery. Better to be upfront and risk confiscation than violate policies and face penalties.

Is Flying Possible with CBD?

Yes, but there are rules. Like anything else in life, there are limitations on what you can or cannot get away with in an airport. You may legally possess hemp-derived CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC. However, regulations vary from place to place.

In most cases, TSA allows travelers to board an airplane with a moderate amount of hemp-derived CBD in their carry-on luggage or checked luggage. That said, select locations may prevent you from storing CBD products in your checked bags.

How Do You Fly with CBD Gummies?

Here in the U.S., it is legal to fly with CBD products so long as the items in your possession contain less than 0.3% THC. While cannabis and its constituents may get decriminalized in select states, they remain regulated on a federal level. Before flying, consults the laws governing the place you plan to visit.

Consider potential stopovers in other states or countries on the way to your destination. Plan for any contingencies, and everything should be A-OK. Select states may enforce rigid and specific laws regarding the use of CBD. Hedge your bets for the best possible outcome.

You may safely travel within the U.S. with hemp-based CBD. However, acceptance or refusal gets determined at the sole discretion of TSA; security may limit how much CBD you travel with. For example, TSA rules state that CBD creams, oils, or tinctures must contain under three ounces of liquid.

If you plan to travel with CBD edibles, you should stash them in a resealable pouch. Ziplock bags won't work due to their porous surface. When CBD products get scanned inside a ziplock bag, airport X-Ray machines identify them as "biological material," which results in an immediate threat analysis by officers.

Before you curl into a little ball and imagine the worst possible scenario, we caution you against over-worrying. Most TSA agents lack the time or inclination to scrutinize your low-THC CBD products. The majority busy themselves with more pressing—and life-threatening—concerns, such as cyberattacks, discrimination, and prevention of aircraft hijacking.

May I Bring CBD Vape Through TSA?

This question gets asked a lot, and it never fails to baffle the mind. The answer might seem obvious to some of us, particularly individuals who grew up in smoke-free environments or places where establishments relegated smokers to patio areas.

Even today, certain states strictly prohibit using e-cigarettes and the like. In NYC, smoking any vape in restricted spaces, such as restaurants or workplaces, subject the smoker to a fine. States like Arkansas and Georgia enforce online sales bans for vape products.

Nevertheless, hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD vaping devices may get safely stored inside carry-on luggage on a commercial aircraft. On the other hand, passengers must prevent unanticipated activation of the vape pen's heating element while traveling with CBD.

Can You Take CBD on a Plane to Florida?

There exist pockets of the Sunshine State notorious for enforcing silly laws. For example, Tampa maintains a law against eating cottage cheese after 6 PM on a Sunday, while the state forbids men from wearing strapless gowns in public. Regardless, the Magic Kingdom remains accepting of hemp-derived CBD products.

Florida permits citizens and visitors to possess CBD products containing 0.3% THC or less. Under the Farm Bill, AKA Agriculture Improvement Act, flying with hemp-derived Delta-9-THC and similar items in the United States remains legal.

While traveling with such products may be tolerated, we wouldn't recommend it. The laws governing CBD use may change on a dime as new legislation gets signed into law. TSA officers may need help understanding the vagaries of THC laws and may feel duty-bound to report you to a federal agency.

Don't risk it if they may frisk it. Instead, you may consider all of your options. Sending your CBD along ahead of time may be advisable. For example, a family member plans to put you up in Pensacola. You might mail them a package containing your legal CBD products beforehand.

Alternatively, travelers may practice some patience and buy CBD products once they receive confirmation of their legal rights where they plan to travel. Those traveling to Florida may be pleasantly surprised to see St. Petersburg billed as the CBD and kratom mecca of the Sunshine State.

More than 90 kava bars and smoke shops occupy the greater St. Pete's area. They include CBD American Shaman, CBD BioCare, Healthy Hemp Outlet, and Your CBD Store. Though medical cannabis remains a sensitive subject, CBD oils continue to increase in accessibility.

Final Thoughts

CBD regulations may change at any time, necessitating understanding your rights and the risks posed when you travel with CBD. We recommend doing your due diligence by researching current CBD legality. Today's legal vape may become tomorrow's illegal substance.

Brush up on your state laws, watch the news, and familiarize yourself with the THC content in your favorite CBD products. Pack industrial hemp with less than 0.3% THC when traveling for the best results. Products conforming to these percentages remain legal at a federal level.

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