Cannabis Concentrates: Nug Run and Trim Run

Nug run; was I the only person that heard that term and thought it meant a run to the dispensary? For those that assumed like me, we were wrong. Nug run (also known as Nectar) references cannabis concentrates and/or extracts made from the cannabis flower, also referred to as nugs. 

What is Nug Run?

Nug means harvested cannabis flower, and the term nug run is used to describe the oil that is extracted from the cured and trimmed nug, and that oil creates the concentrate (an example is live resin). Nug runs can be done using dry, wet, and/or fresh frozen nugs. Nug run, not to be confused with trim run, comes exclusively from the cannabis flower/nug, not the trim.

What is a Trim Run?

Trim Run is concentrates and/or extracts made from the trimmed off parts of the cannabis plant: leaf/sugar leaf, stalk, stems, and other materials. Like nug runs, trim runs can use dry,wet, and/or fresh frozen trim. Trim doesn’t make for the best smoke, so it’s used much of the time for cannabis extract. 

The Difference Between Nug Run and Trim Run

Nug run concentrates are much higher in cannabinoids and terpenes because nug run comes from the cannabis flower/nug of the plant which holds the highest amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes. Nug runs are also known to be nicer in color; amber-gold. 

Trim run contains less cannabinoids because leaves and other plant materials contain less cannabinoids and terpenes, but are known to make live resin. Many cannabis cultivators say that they sell their trim for trim run concentrates: To get the most out of my harvests I sell my trim to hashmakers for trim runs.”

Trim runs are more affordable than nug runs because of the lower cannabinoid and terpene concentration.

The Different Kinds of Nug Run

There are 4 groups of extracts:

  • Nug run (100% flower)
  • Trim run (100% trim)
  • Unlabeled (combination of trim and flower)
  • Hemp

Is Nug Run Better than Trim Run?

This of course is up to preference, however, cannasseurs would likely say that nug runs are better than trim runs because of the way nug run concentrates are produced. Because of the high concentration of terpenes in nug runs, they are known to smell and taste a lot better than trim runs. 

Trim runs allow less waste and more use of the cannabis plant. What would’ve been trash turns into a consumable product. 

For higher quality, which also means a higher price point, nug runs are the way to go. The higher concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis flowers will make for a better looking and tasting product. 

For an option that is easier on the pockets, trim runs are the way to go. Consumers will still have cannabis extract, just sourced from the other areas of the plant. It may not look and taste as good as the nug run product, but even cannabis connoisseurs agree that plant material is still cannabis. 

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