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Earlier this year, in a piece I wrote on the Plain Jane blog regarding the cannabis travel industry, I stated:

“I started living on the road making cannabis and travel a part of my everyday life back in 2018. I packed up and hit the road to learn all I could about the world of cannabis and the magical plant herself. Fast forward 4 years later and I see headlines like the one by Forbes: Cannabis Tourism Is Now A $17 Billion Industry—And It’s Just Taking Off; and my initial reaction is: ‘well of course it is!’”

Today I write this with the same “well of course!” attitude because as someone that was at the forefront of cannabis and travel, I knew that it would only intensify from there. I would say that cannabis travel has definitely intensified when the New York Times publishes an article with a  headline that reads: Travel’s Back. And It Smells Like Marijuana. And another one that reads: Cannabis Tourism on the Rise.

In April 2022, Travel Pulse provided insight about a study that was conducted regarding cannabis tourism. The study found that Americans will travel for cannabis tourism. Writer Donald Wood wrote: 

“Key survey findings include 87 percent of respondents in favor of worldwide legalization and 65 percent of Americans saying they would travel to a city or country to experience its licensed cannabis market. Respondents also reported positive feelings toward cannabis tourism, with more than 66 percent of the Americans surveyed saying they “would visit a cannabis dispensary or social consumption lounge”.

So, let's explore 3 southern region cannabis friendly travel locations and experiences.

A Cannabis Friendly Waterfront Experience- Florida

BauHouses- Port Orange, FL

Photo by Author

Port Orange is part of the Daytona Beach, FL metro area. There is something for everyone in this area: relaxing, boat rides, golf courses, historic sites, and museums. In Port Orange, there is a cannabis friendly BnB that is exceptionally lovely. BauHouses on Bayshore is a great location to relax, recharge, reconnect, and experience life in La Florida. 

This cannabis friendly BnB seems secluded, but it’s perfectly located in a metro area, tucked away in a cute, bayfront/bayshore neighborhood, built around nature, leaving plenty of it to admire and enjoy, and also creates some privacy between neighbors. 

The house is a boho home, with a lot of open space. It is equipped with a full bedroom, a full kitchen, living room, dining room, laundry room, a screened-in and fully covered lanai, a back deck, and a rooftop that is currently under construction.

Though guests are not allowed to consume by way of smoking inside the home, it still makes for a cannabis friendly location. The smoke areas are all screened in, covered by roof, and/or both- like the lanai, completely screened in and covered with a roof, with gorgeous views of the bay. 

Those visiting Florida won’t be able to shop in Florida dispensaries because Florida is a medical only state. But, Floridians love CBD and Delta 8 and there is a lot of that around; and the BnB offers infusions like: honey, coconut oil, and wine. And of course, shopping Plain Jane in advance is never a bad idea since hemp can be shipped legally!

A Cannabis Friendly Camping and Farm Experience- Virginia 

2nd 40 to 420, The Farm- Pamplin, VA

Photo by Author

This cannabis friendly BnB can be experienced in a camper, a yurt, or a tent you bring out and set up; no matter the option, the experience will be great! The area the farm sits in and the area around it is very historical. Guests visiting this area will find a lot of education regarding historical people and events such as: Appomattox county and the ending of the civil war happening there in 1865; but also things to see and explore like: small shops, restaurants, and department stores. 

The farm grows cannabis and various plants, fruits, and vegetables. It’s a very green and loving place with birds, deer, and rabbits. Exploring the farm, guests will find creeks and streams of water, chickens, dogs, and ATV’s. It’s real deal farm life, but full of love. Everyone is smiling and sharing all of the time. 

Virginia is a legal-ish state. So while dispensary shopping may be impossible, this is also a CBD and Delta 8 loving state, but! This experience comes with cannabis. At check in, guests are presented with a tray of flower options. And of course, shopping Plain Jane in advance is never a bad idea since hemp can be shipped legally!

A Cannabis Friendly Luxury Experience- Florida

The Hemp Mansion Guesthouse- Tampa Bay, FL

Photo by Dr. C’s POV

This cannabis friendly BnB is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with laundry, screened in patio, driveway, marble floors, jacuzzi tub, and relaxing energy all in and around the property. Guests checking into this cannabis friendly guesthouse will be able to spend time with and learn about hemp plants, magnolia trees, bamboo trees, and palm trees; all located on and around the guesthouse. 

Tampa Bay is home to Busch Gardens (a theme park), and places you about an hour and 45 minutes away from the Orlando, Florida theme parks. The gulf coast beaches are about an hour away in Clearwater/St. Petersburg; though the bays are beautiful to visit and experience. Ybor City is a cultured place. If Cuba is on your bucket list, then Ybor City will give you a little taste of that.

Again, those visiting Florida won’t be able to shop in Florida dispensaries because Florida is a medical only state, but, the owners of this bnb are also farmers and cultivate hemp. And there’s also CBD dispensaries and again, shopping Plain Jane.

Final Words

Forbes said: “A 2020 report found that 29 percent of all active leisure travelers and 18 percent of all Americans want to do cannabis-related activities on vacation. 25% of respondents traveled to a destination for a cannabis experience, including 44% of Millennials and members of Generation Z.”

As cannabis travel and tourism continue to take the nation by storm, I’ll continue to report back so that those wanting to book cannabis friendly vacations have insight from a cannabis travel pro. 

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Veronica Castillo is a writer from Miami, with a pre-Cannabis background in insurance and human resources. She advocates, writes about, and educates on the topic of cannabis and hemp for overall life. Currently, she is a resident of the road exploring all thing’s cannabis and hemp in the United States, with plans to travel abroad in exploration of cannabis and hemp culture in other countries.


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