CBD American Shaman Review

CBD American Shaman sells CBD products online and in their numerous retail franchises. They are quickly becoming a major player inside the CBD industry and feature a wide selection of CBD products that are made from hemp certified by the US Hemp Authority. In addition to providing products that meet high safety and quality standards, they also aim to make CBD affordable for all who need it.

cbd american shaman review

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CBD American Shaman Discounts

The Compassionate Care program from CBD American Shaman offers discounts to people who have illnesses and disabilities. They offer a generous 30% off orders of $34.99 or more. They also offer 20% off when you subscribe to their newsletter and have additional coupons and deals like a pop-up discount wheel on their website. Affiliate, franchise, and wholesale programs are also available for people who want to sell their products.

The Customer Experience

The CBD American Shaman blog is educational and complies with FDA marketing requirements. Their information is not misleading and in general does not make inaccurate claims. Many companies struggle in this area and it is always a relief to be able to point to a company that is educating their customers responsibly. In addition to the blog, the CBD FAQ offers great information for consumers to read before trying products and sets them up for a good experience. Browsing their website is a comfortable experience and customers can easily find all the information and products they are looking for in just a few clicks.

CBD American Shaman Products

CBD oil, CBD topicals, CBD capsules, CBD edibles, hemp flower, CBD drinks, hemp cigarettes, CBG products, and CBN products by CBD American Shaman means that you have an arsenal of options. They offer full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate products for the ultimate in variety. The most unique products you will find are their CBD edibles and CBD drinks. CBD drinks and edibles are in a 'gray area' of regulation, so they may not be able to offer these forever, but for now, you can find everything from CBD gum, CBD popcorn, and CBD cookies, to water-soluble CBD and CBD tea. CBD American Shaman does not offer very much in the way of hemp flower, but they do have a great selection of topicals and oils, and their hemp cigarettes look interesting as well (they come in fruit flavors).

Final Thoughts on CBD American Shaman

Like Stanley Brothers and Green Roads, CBD American Shaman is a big player in the CBD industry and their retail store franchises are popping up all over the nation. Unlike Mr. Hemp Flower, you can feel confident that their products will not produce intoxication. And unlike Secret Nature, you can trust the information they provide on their website is accurate and not misleading. Pair that with their aim to make products affordable and you have a CBD company that feels welcoming to consumers and offers them a huge variety of trustworthy products. One of the best features of CBD American Shaman is that they are a large retail presence so if you need to purchase CBD right away and can't wait for shipping, you can stop in one of their stores.


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