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CBD and the 2020 Olympics

The next Olympic Games 2020 will have a new protagonist, CBD.

CBD For Athletes

As the 2020 Olympic Games are getting closer, the expectations of many cannabidiol consumer athletes grow as well as their desire to develop a good role in their competitions.

Since the creation of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in 1999, cannabinoids have been on the annual list of the organization of banned substances during the competition; However, the rules of the game have been modified since 2017 allowing the consumption of CBD, hemp legal, in the selected athletes. However THC (the main compound of cannabis and marijuana) is still banned due to its hallucinogenic effects on the body. Before this alteration to the regulation, a large number of the athletes and spectators wait to see the acceptance of the CBD in these next games.

There is no specific percentage of competitors who use CBD as a medical alternative in their treatments to relieve muscle pain due to their constant exercise routines, all because of the taboo that has been incorporated into society with this type of cannabis.  However, in 2015 a study by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), of 300,000 athletes examined worldwide, 4% of the total tested positive due to the existence of cannabinoids.

Unfortunately before September 2017, the date on which the AMA officially removed CBD from its list of banned substances, a large number of athletes have lost their titles and reputation for admitting that they used cannabis.

For the most part, countries have legalized the consumption of CBD, but countries such as China, South Africa and Mongolia and many others, are now at a disadvantage, since the CBD is still illegal. A pity, given that in many cases the CBD can be more effective (and does not have many harmful side effects) than traditional pharmacological substances.

Famous athletes who use CBD.

A large portion of the Olympic medalist athletes have freely demonstrated their inclination towards CBD instead of conventional medical treatments. They have also incorporated CBD to carry a healthier lifestyle, to quit smoking and have a better physical performance.

  • Michael Phelps, the most awarded Olympic athlete of all time (28 medals) was suspended for 3 months for consuming cannabis. However, he does not stop using this hemp flower to guarantee  pain relief after arduous hours of training in the pool.
  • Nate Diaz, boxer and mixed martial arts champion by the UFC shared in an interview the benefits of this hemp flower stating that 'It helps with the healing and inflammation process. So it's best to use it before and after the fights and the training because it improves your life. '
  • NFL quarterback Jake Plummer was so surprised by the relief the CBD provided him with a 10-year injury that he became a spokesman and public advocate for CBD use.
  • Ross Rebagtliti, Olympic winner at the Olympic Winter Games in Nagaro 1998, gave his point of view regarding the use of legal cannabis in skateboarding athletes and above all, he showed his concern before the fact that most skaters use marijuana day to day.
  • The Australian Tas Papas denied his participation in the competitions that prohibit the use of   hemp and spoke of other competitors 'Many skiers and skateboarders see cannabis as a way of life and will not be willing to participate in a competition that prohibits their consumption'.

Benefits of CBD in sports.

Cbd or cannabidiol is an element present in some marijuana varieties and is part of the chemistry of cannabis sativa, the most common type of medicinal cannabis.

The sport itself involves a large consumption of energy, bone wasting and muscle pain, not to mention the inflammation in the muscles and tendons from the long hours of training. Be it swimming, boxing, rugby or judo, which are sports where all the muscles of the body are used completely.

Apply the oil of CBD in the joints, before and after a training to avoid pain, which points to its anti-inflammatory properties .

Dr. Alan Beyer, sports physician and executive medical director of the Hoag Orthopedic Institute in California believes that CBD is more promising as a remedy to help athletes recover from injuries produced during physical exercise. In fact, he recommends that his patients apply CBD balms to the affected area. Beyer explains that 'CBD penetrates transdermally to reduce inflammation in injured tissues' and does not have the contraindications of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, which can seriously damage the kidneys.

Expectations for the 2020 Olympics

Drug testing is a standard originally established to protect all competitors and ensure fair competition without the use of 'performance enhancers'. However, the use of this lower hemp does not give them any advantage but works as a medicinal plant that helps to heal inflammations and possible injuries in players.

Broadly speaking, CBD helps its consumers. Because every time we exercise, especially when it comes to intensive exercise, we produce microscopic lesions in tissues and muscles. These lesions trigger an inflammatory process that activates the body's repair mechanisms, allowing the tissues to regenerate more strongly. But too much inflammation can cause serious injuries, generating greater damage to the muscles than the body is able to regenerate on its own in a reasonable way. It is common for physical trainers to include in the routines of athletes anti-aging measures and antinflammatories, such as anti-oxidant diets, ice baths or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen.


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