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CBD for Sex Drive

1st Aug 2023

CBD for Sex Drive

Many CBD products get marketed as a solution for erectile dysfunction (E.D.), while others get advertised as the answer to your most intimate problems. Unfortunately, research into CBD for sex drive is mainly divisive. Although CBD enjoys widespread popularity, its properties remain elusive and misunderstood.

Are CBD gummies simply the latest product to be treated like snake oil by sketchy vendors, or does it actually improve the sex life of men and women? Read on to learn the truth about this peculiar compound and its potential advantages in the area of sexual intercourse.

How to Use CBD for Better Sex?

CBD gummies provide many purported benefits, including relaxation and general wellness. It often gets "stacked" with other compounds to create a blend for a better sex life. For example, Alchemy Naturals produces proprietary CBD gummies like their Intimacy Blend, which consist of equal parts full-spectrum hemp CBD and Maca Root.

Limited studies suggest CBD may heighten libido, while others find it minimizes sex drive. A piece in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics reports diminished sex drive among chronic CBD users. That hints at the possible advantage of using CBD sporadically in moderation.

Some casual users turn to topical CBD lotions for external use on the genitals during or before sexual activity. Preclinical studies imply that CBD may assist in vasorelaxation, which may elevate blood flow. Such advanced blood flow may improve sexual function in some adults.

Some individuals may eat CBD gummies before sex or use CBD oil as foreplay. Alternatively, CBD lubricants may minimize swelling of genital tissues and augment pleasure. More likely, CBD use before sex may induce the broad wellness that benefits anyone suffering from dysfunction or stress.

Does CBD Cause Sustained Erections?

Maybe and that's a big perhaps (no pun intended); select studies demonstrate increased blood circulation from CBD use. However, those suffering from sexual performance issues may require additional intervention, such as prescription medication, marital aids, or even surgery.

On the other hand, many cases of erectile dysfunction benefit from psychological inquiry. The purported benefits of CBD for sex may offer little help to those needing talk therapy or marriage counseling. Sexual performance problems may get rooted in any number of deep-seated psychological issues.

Those who want to support sexual performance while enjoying CBD for sex may do so after talking to a medical professional about the possible causes of their E.D. symptoms. Many hurdles may get in the way of sexual health, including painful sex, suppressed trauma, or work-related stress.

To ensure sexual pleasure and sustainability, we advise readers to seek counseling from a sexual health expert. Although CBD work for many individuals, extenuating circumstances may prevent CBD from offering significant advantages. Before you buy CBD gummies online, address sexual performance with a specialist.

Is There CBD That Works Like Viagra?

No. We thought we should answer this as explicitly as possible to avoid confusion. Contrary to what you may read elsewhere online, full-spectrum CBD products do not induce Viagra-like effects. Where sexual enhancement pills like Viagra belong to a class of drugs known as vasodilators, CBD oils belong to the phytocannabinoid family.

CBD supplements may interact with receptors in the CNS (Central Nervous System), while Viagra works by relaxing the muscle cells in blood vessels supplying the penis. Select research suggests CBD may offer a calming effect, which may result in lowered inhibitions.

No scientific evidence points to CBD altering blood flow to your penis, nor does data exist to support any theory about CBD's effect on muscles or nerves in the genitalia. While some sketchy brands may issue claims about CBD products increasing libido or lubrication, no empirical data corroborates such assertions.

You may find lists online of the Best CBD for erectile dysfunction but don't get taken in by such distortions. These posts aren't merely disingenuous; they exploit a global affliction; approximately 52% of men grapple with E.D. To reiterate, CBD does NOT solve the problem of E.D.

However, CBD may help lovers get in the mood or stay in the mood by virtue of its soothing properties and relaxing attributes. CBD may promote alleviation, mild exhilaration, and rejuvenation. Many users take CBD for sleep. Restfulness promotes a healthy sex drive, while sleeplessness kills the sex drive.

Does CBD Make Sex Longer?

Many users turn to CBD gummies for enhanced sexual function or advanced libido, but research into these purported benefits remains elusive. Further probes into these supposed advantages must get tackled before the industry can make any claims with confidence. That said, users report enjoyment and longevity after using CBD oil.

CBD oil gets absorbed quickly and takes effect within minutes; the average duration hovers around four to six hours. CBD gummies may assuage stress and induce overall well-being. These conditions may contribute to a longer-lasting and more enjoyable sexual experience.

What are the Potential Side Effects of CBD on Sex?

Although no long-term adverse effects of CBD oil get recorded, its known side effects turn many individuals off. Common side effects of CBD consumption include diarrhea, drowsiness, dry mouth, and fatigue, none of which keep the heat burning between the sheets.

Adverse effects may also include lightheadedness and low blood pressure, which may disrupt sexual overtures or disappoint lovers during sexual activity. CBD gummies may interact with medications, which may result in the emergence of other undesirable side effects. For this reason, we recommend consulting a physician before taking CBD for sexual intercourse.

When to Take CBD for Sex?

Your sex life is your business, plain and simple. Those who elect to take CBD products to jumpstart their sexual escapades need to do so with proper precaution. Experienced herbal enthusiasts advise taking CBD gummies 30 minutes to a full hour before sex for the best results. CBD effects may not present with any immediacy.

To augment sexual performance with CBD gummies or a CBD blend, you should use hemp-derived CBD products with proof of lab testing and no more than 0.3% THC content. Nonprescription CBD products may get administered for its broad range of purported benefits, but it remains unapproved for sexual health.

To keep CBD legal, vendors must be more transparent about the facts surrounding this enigmatic substance. Nonprescription CBD products may get marketed as a sexual enhancement compound, but they do not treat erectile dysfunction.

Full-spectrum CBD gummies may contribute to a fun time, but no guarantee of sexual arousal or male fertility exists. Limited studies support the notion that CBD gummies jack your sex drive or amplify stamina. A single historical cohort study from a single academic center andrology clinic shows inconclusive evidence of sexual function and male fertility.

Final Thoughts

While CBD products may provide general wellness and broad satisfaction, E.D. endures as a serious and widespread issue. Those who wish to address erectile dysfunction should do so under the supervision of a physician. Before taking CBD for sexual reasons, medical intervention may be necessary.


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