Charlotte's Web: A Historic Hemp Strain

Charlotte's Web is a hemp strain that was originally bred by the Stanley Brothers in 2011. Its original name was 'Hippie's Disappointment' due to it being naturally low in THC and high in CBD so users do not experience intoxication. While the marijuana and industrial hemp hybrid was initially thought to be a flop, it proved to be a historic hemp strain that would help pave the way for CBD and medical marijuana. Charlotte's Web got its new name after the pivotal role it played in treating a young child named Charlotte Figi who had Dravet Syndrome. The hemp strain exploded in popularity after being featured on the CNN documentary 'Weed.'

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Charlotte's Web Strain Review

The Charlotte's Web hemp strain experience begins with an earthy and herbal aroma and drier buds with a looser bud morphology that grinds up nicely. You may find a seed or two, but that is very normal when it comes to hemp flower.

For this hemp strain review, I used a Da Buddha tabletop dry herb vaporizer. Using dry herb vapes allows you to taste more of the terpenes that make each hemp flower strain unique. The flavor you get from Plain Jane's Charlotte's Web hemp flower is delicate and light. It has a primarily herbal green tea flavor with citrus and floral undertones typical of its Afghani parent strain Kandahar.

Likewise, those Afghani genetics help support the effects which will vary from person to person. For me, The effects of Charlotte's web were mellow and calming relaxation with no hady feeling or buzz. For some people this strain could make them feel sleepy and may not be the best option for daytime use.


What are Plain Jane Customers saying about Charlotte's Web?

Please note that Plain Jane hemp flower is not intended for medical use and is not a medical product. Be aware that these customer reviews contain medical claims that Plain Jane would not make for itself and does not guarantee, these reviews are examples of individual personal experiences.

We feel that it is valuable for customers to share their experiences, but want to make sure readers understand that we are not supporting medical claims and that a licensed healthcare provider is the only person qualified to advise on the treatment of any medical condition.

I have a Chiari Malformation

I have a Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia, so I deal with a lot of chronic pain, headaches, and muscle tremors. Charlotte's Web has become my favorite strain of hemp to smoke for my illness and Plain Jane's is by far the best value deal I have been able to find! It's potent in it's ability to relax the muscles and it provides such a great sense of calm to my racing mind. I'll keep buying time and time again <3'

Posted by Adonis Diaz on Sep 18th 2020

Seizure benefits

My husband has a seizure disorder and this strain really helps keeps the seizures away. I love how affordable this product is as well!

My husband has a seizure disorder and this strain really helps keeps the seizures away. I love how affordable this product is as well!

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Charlotte's Web Genetics

Charlotte's Web is a proprietary hemp strain. That means that the Stanley Brothers have patented the strain genetics and do not make them widely available to the general public. How do other hemp companies get Charlotte's Web then? With any hemp or cannabis strain, 'genetic leaks' can happen. All it really takes is a few 'bag seeds' in the right hands to create similar copies of a hemp strain. Plain Jane's Charlotte's Web hemp flower actually has some of another strain called Kandahar bred in, and other hemp retailers may have different varieties of Charlotte's Web. The original genetics can only be accessed through Stanley Brothers though

Charlotte's Web Potency and Lab Testing

Plain Jane's Charlotte's Web hemp flower is approximately 18.6% CBD. While this hemp strain is in compliance with federal law requiring less than 0.3% delta-9-THC, it is above the 0.3% TOTAL THC law that some states have imposed. That means that you will need to check which THC laws are used in your state prior to purchasing this product!


Charlotte's Web Hemp Strain Story

The Stanley Brothers developed the Charlotte's Web hemp strain in 2011. A year later, Paige Figi contacted them looking for something that could help her five year old daughter Charlotte's uncontrollable seizures. In 2013, Sanjay Gupta for CNN featured Charlotte's story in a documentary that brought attention to the Stanley Brothers and to the benefits of hemp and CBD.

In 2014, the first Farm Bill to decriminalize hemp cultivation was approved. This bill allowed the state of Colorado to grant the Stanley Brothers and other hemp farmers licenses to legally cultivate hemp. It was a significant move because the Charlotte's Web strain was controversially bred from marijuana and not a pure industrial hemp strain. This idea of cultivating hemp for CBD production was very new at the time and still presents regulatory challenges.

The Stanley Brothers FDA Warnings


The Stanley Brother's business took off from that point and they began producing CBD products for the public and built what is now a hugely successful publicly traded company. Before they could put their products everywhere from pet stores to grocery stores, they had another battle to face. Many people do no know, but Stanley Brothers were issued an FDA Warning Letter in 2017.

These letters are issued when companies are not following regulations that govern the production practices for consumable products. They are becoming very common in the CBD industry due to the large number of companies that are entering the industry without any experience in GMP-regulated manufacturing.

The FDA went after the Stanley Brothers primarily because they were making unfounded medical claims in their marketing and calling their product a 'dietary supplement' which is a legal/regulatory classification that CBD and hemp products have not yet been placed under. Many CBD companies are being warned for not following proper production practices, for not having validated procedures, for not performing proper testing, for lack of proper recordkeeping, for mislabeling products, and for making false or unproven medical claims in their marketing material.

After taking huge financial losses, the Stanley Brothers were able to adapt a GMP manufacturing environment, reel in marketing claims, and start producing fully compliant products. While many in the CBD industry resist or cannot afford to take the same steps, it does demonstrate how successful a CBD company can be when it can comply to GMP regulations. These regulations are a complex ongoing matter in the CBD industry, so bear in mind this is a simplified overview of the legal landscape around CBD and hemp.

Charlotte Figi

No review of Charlotte's Web hemp flower can go without mention of Charlotte Figi. At 3 months old, Charlotte had her first seizure. She suffered from Dravet Syndrome which means by age five she had up to 300 grand mal seizures a week. In addition to seizures, Charlotte had trouble speaking and needed to use a wheelchair. Many children like her have struggled to find medical treatments that can effectively control their seizure disorders. For many years, parents of children with seizure disorders have quietly and secretly sought CBD products for their children, which they used to have to do through the black market (and still must do illegally in some locations where hemp and CBD are still illegal).

Charlotte's mom found her CBD source with the Stanley Brothers and brought CBD and medical marijuana to national headlines through their work and advocacy. Sadly, Charlotte passed away this year in 2020. Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, she contracted pneumonia and suffered complications that lead to her death. The news brought heavy sadness to the CBD industry which is eternally grateful for the role that Charlotte and her family played in making CBD and medical marijuana products accessible for children with seizure conditions, and to the general public.


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