Dab Mat; a 101 to What it Is and How to Use  

The cannabis community is getting so crafty with the creation of various cannabis accessories. I had no idea what a dab mat was and so I did a little digging and here’s my understanding.

What is a Dab

Before getting into what a dab mat is, it would be helpful to describe what a dab is, or, what dabbing is. In this dab video shared by Leafly, the visual will help you understand what a dab is and how to do it. It’s basically cannabis concentrate in various forms/textures: wax, resin, shatter, etc., smoked using a dab rig.

Dab Mat- What it Is

The simple definition is: a dab mat is a mat for a dab rig. Weedmaps defines dab mat as: a mat placed underneath a dab rig in order to protect the surface from any residue that may drip off the dab nail. Because dabs are concentrates and not always packed/wrapped in papers; the consumption process can lead to drippings and/or complete drops of very hot and oil residue. If you consider how your fingers and/or grinders look after breaking down a very sticky icky nug, then you'll see the importance of using a dab mat for the use of dabbing.

Photo Credit: The Denver Post

Types of Dab Mats and Cleaning a Dab Mat

Because there are different types of dab rigs, dab mats don’t come in just one shape, style, and type; there are different types of mats to fit various needs. Cleaning dab mats is pretty easy because many are made of rubber or silicon. Usually, cleaning rubber and silicon just needs warm water and a degreaser (cleaning a dab mat with soap and water is generally the way). 

Final Words

Dab mats are great for dabbing; dabs are heat resistant and protectors of surfaces. Dab mats are also shock absorbent which is another added bonus. Do you dab and do you recommend dab mats? We would also love to hear about a time your dab mat saved your surface.

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