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You probably don’t need any reminding, but just for the sake of it -- don’t believe everything you see on the internet. That’s particularly true when it comes to information you read about hemp. Misinformation abounds, spreading confusion and distrust among buyers and onlookers.

In some cases, people deliberately spin fake news to ride on the heels of controversy. For instance, a recent viral pseudo-news story claimed that contestants on Shark Tank received the biggest deal in the show’s history. For what exactly? Get this -- CBD gummies that allegedly help users to stop smoking.

Did Someone Try to Sell CBD Gummies on Shark Tank?

In all the history of Shark Tank, zero contestants have tried to pitch CBD products. You can check all of the episode directories online, and you’ll find yourself disappointed. So if that’s the truth, then why do some people insist that it happened?

Well, we can thank purveyors of fake news for that. With a little Photoshop and some fancy wordplay, peddlers of fake viral content have made thousands believe that CBD gummies made an appearance on Shark Tank.

Photos of a pair of contestants with a full-on CBD gummy display on set at Shark Tank surfaced online. This was accompanied by an article that claimed the pair allegedly bagged the biggest deal ever for their CBD gummies that help users to kick their smoking habit.

The article and photos spread all over the web, and readers who don’t necessarily perform any background checks ended up taking the information as gospel truth. Unfortunately, none of that ever really happened.

Where Did the News Come From?

We can’t really say for sure who originated the initial article and images. That’s the thing about the internet -- it’s almost impossible to trace these viral news articles back to the original publisher.

Check the details, and you’ll find that the images were faked and that all of the sensationalized information was without basis. Exactly why did they fabricate the news? Well, that’s what fake news outlets make money off of.

Remember that web traffic generates money. And every time you patronize these websites, they get money off of it. Knowing full well that CBD gummies and products, in general, are surrounded by controversy, the original writer probably wanted to get a slice of the cake by riding the CBD popularity train.

Obviously, they probably got what they wanted, and the fake news post has gone on to be read thousands of times. Ultimately, this brought them the traffic and attention they needed in order to make money off of the fake information.

Why is Fake News Bad for Hemp?

Hemp became legal just in 2018. Before then, lawmakers believed it was exactly like marijuana. However, researchers combated that idea with the truth. Today, hemp and marijuana are recognized on a federal level as completely different commodities.

But even then, local legislators in different states, cities, and counties continue to press hard on hemp thinking that it’s a drug. If our lawmakers still have confusion about hemp, how much more confused do you think the general public might be?

Unfortunately, posts like the fake new article about CBD gummies on Shark Tank further damage the work that hemp advocates are trying to champion. Right now, hemp laws aren’t where most hemp supporters want them to be. And the reason is misinformation.

Even when news articles seemingly support CBD as a wellness product, peddling fake news never works in favor of the industry. The only way to get lawmakers and authorities to trust the hemp product is by informing them of the truth about what it really is.

Fake articles further reduce their confidence in hemp and CBD products and take the entire industry steps back on the long journey towards total hemp freedom.

Can CBD Gummies Help Stop Smoking?

CBD gummies will not stop you from smoking, but they can help. And just to make things clear, no one really ever claimed that CBD would work as a tobacco substitute. However certain properties of CBD gummies may help individuals hoping to overcome a smoking problem.

Here’s how:

  • Managing symptoms of withdrawal - Quitting cold turkey (or even gradually) will cause the development of withdrawal symptoms. This is particularly true for people with chronic cigarette use.

Now, because CBD provides effects that temper these symptoms, it may help to make the withdrawal experience more bearable. Working against physical aches and soreness, and perhaps even reducing nausea and dizziness, CBD may help you bear the change.

  • Oral stimulation - Some studies postulate that the reason why nicotine patches don’t work on certain people is that it doesn’t target the oral aspect of the smoking problem. The majority of people smoke to stimulate the mouth which can be linked to an oral fixation.

This concept in psychology believes that people tend to stimulate the mouth as a result of certain childhood experiences. So substituting CBD gummies for cigarettes gives you something to fill the gap minus the exposure to the harmful chemicals in cigarettes.

  • Stress management - Most people smoke to get rid of stress. Interestingly, CBD also works against stress. So by substituting CBD gummies for cigarettes, you get the same stress-relieving benefits minus the harmful effects.

In fact, some studies postulate that CBD might even work better to relieve stress than tobacco. So taking CBD to manage your stress levels instead of smoking a cig might hit you with more profound stress-relieving benefits than you’re used to.

As long as the cannabinoids in the gummies come from hemp, then they’re legal. But legal for what exactly? The law doesn’t specify. And that’s because CBD has not been approved by the FDA for human consumption.

Essentially, hemp and all of its derivatives are legal on a federal level. But the 2018 Farm Bill doesn’t make any stipulations as to how and what people would use hemp for. According to the FDA however, eating hemp derivatives isn’t approved by the agency.

So technically, vendors and companies shouldn’t be allowed to sell CBD food and drink, that includes gummies. But loopholes in the FDA regulations allow brands to continue to offer the products.

For instance, the FDA guidelines stipulate that vendors need pre-market approval to advertise hemp food, drink, and supplements. So instead of marketing their CBD gummies as food, brands simply tiptoe around the terms that would make it seem that way.

No, There Weren’t Any CBD Gummies on Shark Tank

The internet abounds with fake news. So in case you come across articles, videos, or other content similar to the one described above, don’t give them the time of day. At the end of it all, these overt attempts at disinformation simply try to ride on the perks of controversy.

Just to be clear, no one ever tried to sell CBD gummies on Shark Tank. But if anyone ever did, you’d be sure to hear about it from the most trusted news outlets and hemp advocacy websites around.


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