Does CBD Help Improve Focus & Concentration?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is an esteemed and ubiquitous alternative celebrated by naturopaths and everyday people. Scientists make CBD their subject of analysis, investigating its seemingly boundless potential. Their findings explain the prevalence and popularity of CBD products.

The modern world can be stressful and distracting, but researchers believe CBD products may hold the key to centering one's mind and remaining diligent. CBD may keep you on point and attentive whether you struggle at work or drift off in conversation. We explain why after the jump.

Can CBD Help You Focus?

In the age of celebs shilling for mortgage companies and billionaire entrepreneurs Tweeting conspiracy theories, it only seems natural to question everything you hear. Many folks do not explore CBD for fear of falling for another passing fad. But experts say you should believe the hype regarding focus and concentration.

So, is CBD the real deal? And does it do the trick for those seeking focus? The results appear promising.

Promising research suggests CBD products may modulate brain activity, including emotional processing, cognitive function, processing, and mental focus. While industry professionals insist CBD offers general wellness, a growing number of researchers insist on its cognitive potential.

An online survey of CBD users found that 10% of participants took CBD for focus or productivity. More than 10% of participants felt more focused due to CBD use. Although empirical data remains inconclusive, many proponents swear by CBD's value as a supposed concentration enhancer.

A systematic review pointed to CBD improving cognition in multiple preclinical models of cognitive impairment. While no medical claims may get made regarding the purported benefits of CBD, one thing remains irrefutable: the online community loves CBD.

An overwhelming number of casual and chronic CBD consumers report invaluable experiences and long-term improvement as a result of using CBD products. Many users take CBD for focus, including athletes, entrepreneurs, students, and working professionals.

Is Hemp CBD Good for Brain Fog?

Hemp-based CBD remains the most legitimate form of CBD on the market. Broad-spectrum CBD oil receives high marks from customers and critics due to its purported efficacy and promotion of general well-being. Though everyone responds to CBD differently, anecdotal evidence points to hemp CBD oil alleviating any clouding of consciousness.

Those grappling with "fogginess" often respond well to hemp CBD oil, calling it a game-changer in the area of clearing the head and focusing the mind. "I feel like myself!" one Reddit member exclaimed after losing focus and struggling to find the right treatment.

"I feel giddy just talking about it," raved another Reddit member. Of course, everyone experiences CBD differently. Another member on the now-defunct social media aggregating platform lamented their lack of focus on hemp oil, asking fellow members, "Does CBD create brain fog."

Although many users may report feelings of alertness and general wellness, others may find hemp CBD oil unappealing. The question regarding CBD's utility in the area of brain fog appears largely subjective. Users should bear this in mind when trying hemp CBD. Your satisfaction may depend on managing expectations.

Best CBD for Focus and Attentiveness

Consumers face a challenge when seeking pure CBD oil for focus; many brands make bold medical claims about their CBD products but lack the credentials to support their assertions. If you crave high-quality CBD oil at an affordable price, you'll want to read our short list of the top CBD products for focus.

1. CBDfx Focus Mushroom (Best Blended CBD for Focus)

This inimitable mixture of broad-spectrum CBD + CBG, chaga, cordyceps, and lion's mane makes for a CBD drop at once invigorating, soothing, and attentive. Infused with premium cannabinoids and terpenes, CBDfx Focus Mushroom makes all other CBD oil drops look like tap water in a tincture.

2. Joy Organics Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture (Best Hemp-Infused Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil)

Joy Organics provides patrons with clean, fundamental ingredients at a competitive price. Every tincture contains extra virgin olive oil, hemp plant extract, and essential oils. More importantly, their broad-spectrum CBD oil comes in various sizes and strengths to suit your needs.

3. R + R Medicinals Fresh Mint THC-Free CBD Tincture (Best CBD Oil Tincture for Fresh Breath and Focus)

This 1,000 mg CBD tincture delivers 33.3 mg of CBD per serving. Moreover, you get a USDA-certified product with three simple active ingredients—broad-spectrum hemp plant extract, natural MCT oil, and coconut oil. The taste is great, the price jives, and the potency on point.

4. MedTerra Focus CBD Gummies (Best CBD Gummies for Focus)

The rapturous taste of these Red Raspberry Premium Hemp CBD Gummies represents the second-best thing about this magnificent product. After these robust CBD gummies tickle your taste buds, MedTerra Focus CBD Gummies augment your daily activities by optimizing your mind. These best-selling CBD gummies contain 100 mg of L-theanine, 15 mg of green tea, and 25 mg of pure CBD isolate.

5. Lulu's Love Truffles (Best CBD Edible for Broad-Spectrum Attentiveness)

Sometimes attentiveness extends beyond the board room to the bedroom. That's where Lulu comes in with her lovingly designed fair-trade CBD chocolate bars. Each lab-tested confectionary truffle contains steam-distilled terpenes and THC-free CBD oils for an elevating and exhilarating tryst with a twist.

6. Soul Big Brain Focus Capsules (Best CBD Product for the Busy Bee)

Arizona brand Soul tailors its products to the unique needs of an ever-more-discriminating public. Their products include specially formulated gummies for bloat, focus, pets, PMS, and more. Brain Focus gets described as a software update for your brain. Those on the go appreciate the pick-me-up from this potent blend of bacopa, B12, caffeine, CBD, green tea, and plant extracts.

How Much CBD for Focus?

An appropriate dosage depends largely on your sensitivities, diet, lifestyle, and health history. Those who suffer from preexisting conditions would do well to discuss CBD dosage with a primary care physician. That said, 20 mg may be a fair serving before acclimating to 100 mgs or more.

A 2017 review found that human study participants were safely administered up to 1,500 mgs of CBD daily. Figuring out the right amount takes patience, time, and no small measure of trial and error. Most individuals start with 20-40 mgs and see how it goes before increasing their serving size. That allows you time to acclimate.

Many experienced CBD users consider a 40 mg dose of CBD oil appropriate for more acute purposes, while others suggest a 20 mg dose of CBD oils suits those needing some alertness. Those taking CBD for focus may enjoy a quantity of CBD oil in the neighborhood of 20-30 mgs.

Final Thoughts

A groundswell exists for CBD products, but not all brands get created equally. Those seeking pure CBD isolate must do their homework before making any decisions. Legit CBD brands disclose COAs (certificates of analysis) on their websites. Ask questions, explore your options, and choose carefully.


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