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Durban Diesel Hemp Flower: Is Sativa Hemp for You?

Durban Diesel CBD Hemp Flower is an artisanal hemp flower strain. The high terpene content of this hemp flower comes from its cannabis ancestors Durban Poison and Sour Diesel. While breeders won’t tell you how they converted those into a CBD hemp flower with delta-9-THC less than 0.3%, we can tell you that Durban Diesel hemp flower is sweet, fruity, and has a diesel undertone. Beta-Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene are especially prominent terpenes found in this hemp strain.

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What is Sativa Hemp?

A 'sativa' hemp strain is truly the only kind of hemp there is. 'Indica' is a term that only applies to drug strains of cannabis and does not include ANY hemp! However, hybrids do exist that impart more of the classic Afghani traits found in indica. The terms 'indica' and 'sativa' refer exclusively to the appearance of the cannabis flower. It is a very common myth that indica vs sativa describe the effects of a cannabis strain. The actual effects come from the cannabinoids and terpenes!

Durban Diesel is a very good example of a sativa strain though. Its parents are both sativas, and it has many trademark features like smaller bud size, dense and resinous buds, and plants will have thinner leaves and taller stature.

Durban Diesel Origins

Durban Diesel is a hybrid of two classic Cannabis sativa strains- Durban Poison and Sour Diesel. The best way to understand the Durban Diesel hemp strain experience is by looking at its parent strains.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a coveted South African landrace strain. A landrace strain is a strain that evolved on its own in a particular location where it was cut off from other genetics and encouraged to adapt its own unique traits. Durban Poison flavors are fruity, minty, and herbal but have a more pungent aroma. Durban Poison is one of the few very true sativa strains which reinforces the association of energizing effects with sativa plants. Be aware that this is not always the case though and everyone will have their own unique experience!

Sour Diesel

Peppery, citrus, and herbal flavors and aromas make Sour D an energizing cannabis experience. A dry herb vape is the best way to experience those subtle flavors over Sour Diesel's pungent and gassy aroma. This strain has been a staple of the cannabis industry since the 90's and the original Sour Diesel is believed to be a cross of Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk.

Sour Diesel has also been bred into a low THC hemp strain. The Sour Diesel CBD hemp flower strain retains the flavors and experience of Sour Diesel without the high!

Durban Diesel Effects

There are some notable effects of using Durban Diesel hemp flower to be aware of. While this strain has less than 0.3% THC and complies with federal hemp requirements, some users do note that they experience a 'heady feeling.' The total THC of Plain Jane's Durban Diesel is 0.6% which means that is is not legal to order from states that require less than 0.3% total THC. Likewise, it is not legal to order hemp flower in states that prohibit smokable CBD hemp products. A good example of this is LouisianaIndianaNorth CarolinaKentucky, and Texas. Be sure to check our state hemp law blog for your state prior to ordering!

Durban Diesel Hemp Strain Reviews

As always, please keep in mind that reviewers are speaking anecdotally of their own experiences. Reviews should never be interpreted as medical advice and Plain Jane hemp flower is not intended for medicinal use. Always consult a physician before using CBD!

The Durban Diesel Hemp Strain

I have been in love
Posted by Sara on Aug 6th 2020
I have been in love with this strain at first taste. Has a potent taste to it and effects are great too.

This strain is yummy
Posted by Sara on Aug 4th 2020
This strain is yummy and has strong effects. One of my go too definitely for flavor as well.

Posted by Sara Donato on Jul 18th 2020
Yet again plain Jane has done great. This strain smells and tastes amazing. Real smooth to smoke. It's taste is so yummy. The buzz really heady. Will buy again soon.

If you like sour space candy
Posted by Chris on Jul 16th 2020
I came back after a week of treating it and wow is it amazing. Very heady buzz if you like sour space candy or sour diesel you will absolutely love this strain

Durban Diesel Lab Report

Plain Jane's Durban Diesel hemp flower is very high in CBD. The hemp strain is also very rich in terpenes including beta-myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, alpha-pinene, and many others!

Durban Diesel lab report

Durban Diesel Hemp Flower For Sale

Plain Jane offers the Durban Diesel hemp strain and many others like Sour Space Candy, Blueberry Diesel, and Suver Haze which fans of Durban Diesel may also enjoy. Like the reviewers suggest, the Durban Diesel CBD hemp strain is not for everybody! It is not the best strain for those new to CBD hemp flower and is not a strain you would want to use before bed as it may make some people feel more alert. You can try sampler packs of hemp flower if you would like to explore a variety of strains and we offer a CBD buyer's guide to help customers understand the products better.


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