Hashish - the Compression of Kief and Trichomes

The stigma refers to hashish as a drug, but it’s really just compounds/material from the  cannabis plant. It comes to life by compressing the cannabis flower, then processed into what looks like a vegan brownie or a ball of cookie dough, to be eaten and/or smoked. Reading some of the articles out there, one wouldn’t think that hashish is a plant, but it is; a very high concentration of the plant, but still a plant. 

The History of Hash/Hashish

Hashish is a form of cannabis said to come from Morocco, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Israel, Central Asia, and Lebanon back in 4000 BCE. Back then, extraction looked like rubbing hands and fingers together to gather the residue/plant matter from the bud that was broken down to smoke, and collecting it for consumption later. 

Hashish has made its way through history as medicine, and it wasn’t until the 19th century that it became known as a “drug”. This was right around the time that doctors started replacing cannabis as treatment with vaccines, sleeping drugs, and lab made pain relievers. 

Types of Hash/Hashish

Weed Shop says that a long time ago, hash was just one thing but, overtime, hash is more like an umbrella, with various concentrates falling under that umbrella.

Bubble hash, also known as- ice water hash: made with ice water and frozen trichomes

Photo Credit: Weed Hub

Kief, also known as- Dry sift hash: the grinders with mesh screens provide this type of hash. When the cannabis flower is being grinded up, the kief that is being collected in the grinder is essentially- dry sift hash. 

Rosin: this is a hot plate press with parchment paper. The cannabis flower is placed on the parchment paper in between the 2 hot plates and pressed. The oily residue that comes out is then cooled and when scraped off  of the paper- you have a form of hash. 

Smoking Hashish

Hash/Hashish can be rolled and smoked, hashish can go in a bowl and/or bong to be smoked, hashish can be vaped and/or dabbed, and a method I just learned about- hot knives. Weedmaps provided great insight:

Not all forms of hash will melt easily, and this makes it hard to vape or dab. If this is the case, you will most likely need to process your hash a bit further. The simplest way to do this is to sandwich your hash between layers of wax paper in the middle of a hair straightener. With the hair straightener heated up all the way, firmly squeeze the wax paper and hash. The combination of heat and pressure will turn your non-melting hash into a rudimentary form of rosin, which should work much better in your dab rig.”

CBD Hashish

CBD hashish is a thing and it’s legal. Plain Jane has a line of CBD hash types such as kief; check out the site to learn more. Have you smoked CBD hash/hashish? Share your experience with us below. 

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