Have You Heard of the Spec 7 Hemp Strain?

Spec 7 is a high CBD hemp flower that was bred by Colorado CBD Seed. This hemp strain has smaller dense buds that are generally more tightly trimmed (unlike loosely trimmed strains like Cloud 9). The quality of this hemp flower from Plain Jane is on par with the cannabis flower you would find in a dispensary (but without the high).

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Spec 7 Hemp Genetics

To develop the Spec 7 strain, the breeders crossed Blue Cheese with a landrace hemp strain (native or wild hemp strain). These hemp buds are dark green, super hairy, dense, moist, well-manicured, and super sticky. It truly has the appearance and quality you would hope for from a strain that was raised with light deprivation.

Light deprivation is a cultivation technique for cannabis that is needed to induce flowering when plants are grown indoors. Plants need to be placed in total darkness for 12 hours per day in order for flowering to take place. This Plain Jane 'Light Dep' strain has been cared for tenderly and kept out of the outdoor elements.

Spec 7 Strain Flavors and Smells

What makes Spec 7 hemp flower unique? That would be its aromas and flavors that come from its robust terpene profile. It contains myrcene, cedrol, and caryophyllene for a soothing and tranquil CBD hemp flower experience. The aromas of this hemp flower are herbal, gassy, and citrus. When you smoke it in a dry herb vape you can taste floral, citrus, and fruit flavors that are delicate and sweet.

Spec 7 Strain Effects

The genetics of this hemp strain lean towards having more relaxing effects, but my personal experience with it was not at all sedating or 'heady.' Overall, Spec 7 is a chill strain that is not likely to feel sedative. Individual experiences will vary though.

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Spec 7 Strain Review


Spec 7 Hemp Lab Report

The Spec 7 hemp strain is high in CBD but is also a bit high in Total THC while still complying with the 0.3% delta-9-THC limit. It is also very high in 'minor cannabinoids' like CBG and CBC which give it a fully balanced cannabinoid profile. Even with lower overall potency, Spe-7 would still be a very effective and well balanced hemp strain.

spec-7 lab report

Spec 7 CBD Potency

Spec 7 is a very potent CBD hemp strain with about 15% CBD (~15mg per gram). Despite its potency, it is well balanced and will not feel overpowering. It is surprisingly potent in minor cannabinoids like CBC and CBG that provide a full-spectrum balanced experience.


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