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Hemp Goes Mainstream with: Granola, Tofu, and Vodka

I knew I had to write another installment of Hemp Goes Mainstream when I saw hemp tofu, but more on that later. Hemp is taking over the world and many are saying “it’s about time!” and I agree. We have research, studies, experts, and proof that hemp can help Earth heal from all the harm humans have caused.

If you have been keeping up with the Hemp Goes Mainstream column on the Plain Jane blog, then you’ve seen how much of everything is being made using hemp instead of plastic, and other things that cause harm to Earth. Is it safe to say that we are evolving?

Learn more about: hemp granola, hemp tofu, and hemp vodka below.

Hemp Granola

Hemp granola isn’t far off from traditional granola made from oats and various nuts/seeds. It is made of the same ingredients as traditional granola, but includes parts of nature's finest plant: hemp seeds/hemp hearts, hemp oil, hemp infused coconut oil, and/or hemp infused honey/syrup.

The ingredients that make granola have great benefits, making granola overall healthy: a great source of protein, fiber, and nutrients like magnesium, zinc, and copper. Adding hemp to granola adds benefits like: healthy fatty acids, omega’s, calcium, potassium, and amino acids.

Hemp Tofu

I’m a vegan that consumes tofu and I was intrigued when I learned that there’s such a thing as hemp tofu. It’s referred to as hempfu, and it’s soy free! Traditional tofu is made from soybeans, making it a major allergen. Hempfu’s main ingredient is hemp seeds instead of soybeans; it’s a great alternative, keeping the major source of protein and removing the allergen and also providing nutrients like amino acids and fatty acids.

One thing many people that consume tofu had to adjust to was the texture. Consuming hemp tofu means having to adjust again. Hempfu is more dense and noticeable grainy due to seeds being the main ingredient.

Hemp Vodka

This one shocked me, though, I’m not sure why because vodka is made from plants so, of course it can be made from hemp! Hemp vodka is made from hemp seeds instead of fermented grains like potatoes and wheat, which scream: CARBS!

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It’s hard to place health benefits and vodka in the same sentence; however, with hemp vodka, those are a little easier to see. The base is a protein rich ingredient that has a multitude of health benefits, making the consumption of this spirit a little more understandable.

What cool things have you discovered that are made from hemp? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you. Also, catch up on more: hemp goes mainstream.

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