How the War on Cannabis Started

The complexity surrounding the use of cannabis in the last few years has been a tough one, so many countries are yet to legalize the use of this plant that offers immense benefit to the user and helps them quit smoking. Cannabis oil has potent healing properties; it has the potentials of helping the user relieve stress, anxiety, pains, and aches as well as treat epilepsy.

How the war started

In the 1700's the cultivation of cannabis was a huge, booming and profiting business supported by the federal government. Cannabis was used as a means of exchange; it was also cultivated in mass for consumption and economic benefits.

Cannabis production thrived greatly during the slave trade periods; slaves were forced to work extensively on cannabis plantations. The business boomed until two centuries later when the “cannabis war” started.

Immigrants began moving cannabis in large quantities into the US for consumption, recreation, and business purposes. Coincidentally, at this time, the rate of crime and violence increased heavily, this made the US government declare war against cannabis consumption stating publicly that cannabis was a symbol of violence, crime, drug abuse and a challenge against authority.

All forms of possession of cannabis were banned and strictly considered illegal. Despite the government’s war against cannabis, people continued the cultivate them and use them privately.

In the 1970's, the US government relented a little in its war against the use of cannabis, and so many people began making use of it publicly again. However, the government imposed heavy punishments on anyone caught with cannabis and about 500,000 people were jailed for this crime. In a little while, other countries followed suit and joined the fight against cannabis.

At present, more than 100 million people make use of cannabis for different purposes today, and the use of cannabis has also been legalized in some states in the United States.

Some of the states are:

  • Alaska: Anyone above the age of 21 can shop, purchase, and enjoy a blast of recreational marijuana at will without issues from the law enforcement agents.
  • California: Since the usage of both medical and recreational marijuana are backed up by law, adults can purchase their favorite brand of cannabis from any store.
  • Colorado: Without the legalization of medical marijuana, several adults are free to indulge in several forms of recreational marijuana.
  • Canada: Canada is the first wealthy nation in the world to fully legalize recreational marijuana after the Senate approved Bill C-45.
  • Maine: Both recreational and medical marijuana are legal. Passed on November 8th, the Maine Marijuana Legalization Act permits adults above the age of 21 to purchase legal cannabis.
  • Nevada: The legalization of recreational cannabis followed that of medical marijuana. On the 8th of November, 2016, the Initiative Petition 1 was passed to legalize marijuana.
  • Oregon: Adults above the age of 21 have unlimited access to different brands of recreational cannabis.
  • Vermont: Both recreational and medical marijuana are legal. However, dispensaries are not open yet but hopefully, lounges and stores are set for immediate sales.
  • Washington: Only recreational marijuana is legal in this state.
  • Washington DC: Recreational marijuana is legal. Till date, the public has no access to recreational shops. But interested members of the public can purchase legal cannabis with a medical card.

Finally, so many countries are now embracing the use of cannabis due to the healing properties it has. While some states have legalized its use, others are currently working towards the full legalization.


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