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Pineapple Tsunami: A Bright and Buzzy Hemp Strain

Pineapple Tsunami CBD hemp flower is a new 2020 hemp strain. This new greenhouse-grown hemp flower is a premium offering from Plain Jane, available in limited supplies. This specialty hemp strain has looser moist light green buds that are highly fragrant ('loud'). If you enjoy strains like Pineapple Haze and Sour Space Candy, Pineapple Tsunami is a great new option to experience. Just remember that this new craft hemp strain looks and smells like marijuana so you will want to have discretion to avoid legal mix-ups!

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Pineapple Tsunami Genetics

Pineapple Tsunami is a hybrid of Pineapple and Sour Tsunami. Sour Tsunami was one of the first strains to be bred specifically for high CBD production, giving its child strain a solid genetic basis.

Pineapple Tsumani Flavor and Smells

To truly experience a strain’s full flavor profile, try a dry herb vape that does not create combustion and destroy delicate terpenes. Pineapple Tsunami is said to produce above average amounts of terpenes that give it extra flavor. The hemp buds smell of citrus, gas, and skunk. The Pineapple Tsunami flavor is potent citrus, pine, and gas.

Pineapple Tsunami Effects

My personal experience with Pineapple Tsunami's effects is going to be different than what others may experience. I found that it was bright and buzzy. This hemp strain is likely going to be best for daytime use and may make you feel more energetic. Those effects are very common with strains that are high in terpenes like limonene and pinene.

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CBD Potency of Pineapple Tsunami

At about 12% CBD (~12mg per gram CBD), Pineapple Tsunami is not the most potent hemp strain with regard to CBD potency. Overall the strain is a powerhouse though because of the synergy between the cannabinoids and the rich terpene profile. This synergy can be more effective than singular cannabinoid potency, so don't disregard a strain based on numbers alone!

Pineapple Tsunami Lab Report

The cannabinoid profile for this strain contains 0.06% delta-9-THC, with 0.63% Total THC, and 13% Total CBD. It also boasts high CBG and CBDV making it a strain with a very diverse and balanced cannabinoid profile.

pineapple tsunami lab report


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