<strong>Best Cannabis Strains/ Cultivars for Personality Type</strong>

Much of the world is used to consuming whatever options their local person has available. Until recently, shopping by strain type in much of the world, simply wasn’t an option. I mean, the person even knowing the strain name was sort of non-existent. 

Today, cannabis legalization is sweeping the nation, maybe even the world, and selecting cannais for certain reasons, conditions, and even personality types is much easier to do. Many of us found our way through trial and error; but today, with all the information out there about cannabis, better support has been achieved. 

Below we chatted with Paul, Co-Owner of Wunderkind CBD, powered by Peacock Labs. This company creates proprietary formulations that create products like: cannabis tinctures, salves, and edibles. I wanted Paul’s insight because not only is he in the lab, he is also a cultivator.  

Q & A: Best Cannabis Strains/ Cultivars for Personality Type

What are your opinions on the strains best suited for personality type: Architect (Imaginative/ strategic thinkers)? 

“I think this could be a two sided question. I feel like someone who is an imaginative/strategic thinker could benefit from a dominant sativa like Super Lemon Haze, because it can enhance those traits so, during the day while working, that could be beneficial. But, a lot of times I’ve seen that people who are already active thinkers sometimes need something to slow their mind down a bit, to hone in on certain things whether that be a big project, or whatever else they are trying to focus on. I think a good balanced hybrid would come into play like GG4. Or sometimes they need it more to slow their mind down to relax or sleep, like me. Personally, I have a very active brain which makes sleeping a difficult task so my personal favorites are dominant indicas, currently Nightmare OG.”

For personality type: Debater (smart and curious thinkers who cannot resist an intellectual challenge) who wishes to not be in that mode for an event, what strain in your opinion, would be good to consume?

“For this type of personality I'm definitely going to indica dominant hybrid, like Gushers. I say this because you don’t want the full effect of the indica in a social situation but you still are needing it to calm you down some.”

Regarding entertainers, what strains do you all generally see as a go to?

“Entertainers is a tricky one, often in songs you hear strains talked about like GSC and

Gelato, but I think a lot of that comes more from the influence the brand Cookies has on the entertainment industry. If I were recommending a strain for someone in the 

entertainment industry, my first question is going to be ‘what are you trying to achieve?’.  An entertainer has to be “on” when on stage so if that's their goal we are looking at a nice balanced sativa dominant hybrid. I don’t say full sativa because that can sometimes cause some anxiety which you wouldn’t want on stage, something like Wedding Cake or ironically enough, Gelato would be great.”     

If the personality of your company was found in a person, what strain would they go with? 

If Wunderkind CBD were a person they would be smoking some Papaya Punch, a great flavorful indica dominant hybrid that is really good for winding down at the end of the day and hanging out with close friends. Keeping a relaxed mind through the chaos.

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