The Best Places to Buy Hemp Pre-Rolls

For purists, hemp pre-rolls stand as the ideal method for hemp flower use. Simple, convenient, and unceremonious, pre-rolls deliver all of the benefits of hemp minus the fancy bells and whistles. So it comes as no surprise that these products often fall into the best-seller categories of vendors across the scene.

Today, you’ll find pre-rolls almost anywhere. But if you’re wondering where to get your hands on the best pre-rolls in town, here’s a quick guide to all the different places where you might find them.

Where to Buy Hemp Pre-Rolls Near You

No two pre-rolls are made equal. While they definitely might all look the same, pre-roll quality varies from source to source. Depending on where you get your pre-rolls from, you might expect the cost-to-quality relationship to fluctuating significantly.

Hemp Specialty Stores

Some hemp vendors sell their products in-store through dedicated hemp specialty stores and dispensaries. These vendors offer a wide selection of hemp and related products and promise a higher quality product than you would get anywhere else.

Typically, pre-rolls sold at dispensaries come with the same brand as the vendor itself. Here, buyers have the option to select from a variety of strains to match their preferences. They’ll also usually offer rewards and loyalty programs that will incentivize repeat transactions.

The problem with dispensaries is that they’re not always that accessible. Very few vendors operate physical stores because of the convenience of eCommerce. That said, not everyone will have access to a dispensary that’s near their address.

image of hemp store to buy hemp roll

Vape Shops, Smoke Shops, and Convenience Stores

Since hemp is legal, they’re sold pretty much everywhere. So you can walk into a gas station convenience store and get your hands on pre-rolls without much of a fuss. 

Most smoke shops and vape shops sell hemp pre-rolls. Although since these aren’t their main product, they probably won’t be as high quality as what you’d find through a dispensary. They also come in a variety of smoke shop brands that sell their products strictly through distributors.

The main benefit of buying from a smoke shop is that they’re highly accessible. For the most part, these vendors fill in the gap for customers who need a quick fix but don’t currently have access to their go-to pre-roll products.

Of course, since they cater to those who don’t have much of a choice, these hemp pre-rolls often come at much higher prices than what you’d find through a local dispensary.

image of vape store smoke shop to buy hemp pre rolls

Online Hemp Vendors

Some vendors operate strictly online. These online vendors offer pre-rolls in various strains, and may even sell their products at much lower prices than what you’d find through a brick-and-mortar.

What’s nice about shopping online for your hemp pre-rolls is that you gain access to a much wider selection that any you’re likely to find face-to-face. Plus, these products can come from anywhere in the country, allowing you to access products from high-rated vendors all the way from the opposite coast.

The downside with online hemp vendors of course is that you can never see the product before you make a purchase. And because unscrupulous vendors do exist, due diligence becomes a major task.

On top of that, there’s the waiting period. Some buyers might have to wait days before receiving hemp pre-roll products ordered online. So if you’re not too keen on delayed gratification, online shopping for hemp pre-rolls might not be up your alley.

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Tips for Buying Hemp Pre-Rolls

You’d be surprised how many vendors and stores would go to lengths to fool customers into buying substandard hemp products, including pre-rolls. And because a lot of these shameless sellers are hard to detect, it’s important that you keep these tips in mind to weed out the bad eggs from your options.

Check for Certificates of Analysis

One of the cornerstones of a reputable vendor would be the availability of certificates of analysis. Trusted, well-established brands will value transparency by offering their customers all the details necessary for them to make informed choices.

To do this, they offer certificates of analysis or CoAs with their hemp products. They obtain these reports from third-party labs that test their products for potency and contamination. This way, their buyers know exactly what they’re getting before they even finalize the transaction.

Keep in mind though that these days, even CoAs can get faked. To ensure the reliability of a certificate, check the batch and lot number to see if it corresponds with the one on your product. You can also call the issuing lab to ask if the same record exists on their end.

Read Customer Reviews

Consumer-generated feedback is a powerful tool that allows prospective buyers to get a better idea of what previous customers experienced with a vendor. Even stores that operate brick-and-mortar will often have feedback posted online through their socials.

Remember though that some businesses will do whatever it takes to appear reputable and trusted online. Fake reviews abound on the internet, so you’ll need a double portion of prudence to tell which ones are real and which ones aren’t.

Generally, threads on Reddit provide the best insight as long as the original poster uses an authentic account with verifiable previous activity. Brands that use services like YotPo and TrustPilot, or a combination of different feedback platforms, prove to offer the most reliable reviews.

Pay Attention to Storage and Display Practices

If you’re buying face-to-face, it’s important that you take the time to assess how they store their products and keep them on display. Remember that hemp reacts to temperature and humidity. When they’re too exposed to the elements, their chemical profiles change thus reducing potency.

Stores will often display their products front and center to attract customer attention. But pre-rolls that are stored close to windows and direct sunlight might not be as potent as the stuff kept in the back.

If you’re buying your pre-rolls through a physical store, always ask for the fresher stock from the back room. This keeps you from buying products that might have been sitting in the sun for extended periods of time, and from ending up with underwhelming hemp pre-rolls.

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Ready to Shop for Hemp Pre-Rolls?

Although they might all look the same, they definitely don’t work the same. And guaranteeing the potency and quality of your pre-rolls rests largely on how well you can spot a quality product. 

If you’ve been struggling to find the best hemp pre-rolls near you, then you might want to check these places so you can get your money’s worth.


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