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The Blue Gas Hemp Strain: Blue Dream's Hemp Legacy

The Blue Gas CBD hemp flower stain is bred from the famous cannabis lineage of Blue Dream. This may surprise those who thought the name was implying a cross of something like Blueberry and Purple Gas. However, the Blue Gas hemp flower does not disappoint. It has potent flavors and scents and its big fat blue-green buds are super sticky and resinous. This is a great strain for both new and experienced CBD users.

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Blue Gas Hemp Genetics

Blue Gas CBD hemp flower is a cross between Blue Dream and an Israeli strain called Avi Dekel. This is a very new 2020 hemp strain, so little is known about it. Understanding these parent strains can help people get an idea of what their offspring might be like.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a famously balanced cannabis hybrid. This strain brings herbal, pine, and pepper flavors to the Blue Gas gene pool. Blue Dream is a popular medicinal strain that was bred from Blueberry and Haze, making it a sativa-leaning hybrid that grows taller with smaller and tighter bud formation.

Avi Dekel

Ave Dekel was bred to be a CBD-dominant sativa-leaning hybrid cannabis strain. It is also a popular medical strain with calming features. “Sativa” strains are not all energizing, but considering the parent genetics of the Blue Gas hemp strain, some users may experience this as a more energizing strain.

Blue Gas Hemp Flower Effects

Blue Gas Hemp Strain Reviews

Posted by Blaze20 on Aug 16th 2020
This is a great strain the smell hits you before you even open the bag and it tastes delicious. I immediately felt it in my body the first hit truly I'm upset I didn't order more.

Blue Gas Hemp Flower Lab Report

Blue Gas hemp flower buds from Plain Jane have about 12% CBD potency. CBD potency over 10% is considered to be a 'high CBD' hemp flower, but some strains can get up to 20%. The potency is only half the story though because much of the experience of hemp flower actually comes from the terpenes.

blue gas cbd hemp flower lab report

Where to Buy Blue Gas Hemp Flower

Plain Jane offers the Blue Gas hemp strain along with many others. If you like Blue Gas, you might also be interested in Purple Gas, or Blueberry Diesel. You can try sampler packs of hemp flower if you would like to explore a variety of strains and we offer a CBD buyer's guide to help customers understand the products better. Always be sure to consult your doctor before trying CBD for the first time!


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