The Stormy D Hemp Strain

22nd Oct 2020

The Stormy D Hemp Strain

Stormy D (aka Stormy Daniels) is a hemp strain that is becoming more common. Stormy is known for its delicate aromas, natural hemp flavors, and its high CBD content. Like all hemp flower, Stormy is a cultivar of C. sativa that will not get you high. Please be aware that this stunning craft hemp flower still looks and smells like cannabis and should be used with discretion to avoid confusion to law enforcement!

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Stormy Daniels Hemp Genetics

The CBD Hemp Flower Strain Stormy Daniels (Stormy D) is a cross between T-1 and Berry Blossom hemp strains. It is a slightly drier bud with a rougher trim job to accommodate its fluffier bud structure. The buds are left but dense with dark green and purple buds.

Stormy D Strain Flavors and Smells

Stormy D has a mellow herbal scent with a hint of pine spice. The flavor is best tasted in a dry herb vape where you can taste all of the terpenes. The flavor is herbal with hints of citrus, fruit, and pine. There is a delicate spicy/peppery finish as well. I found that Stormy paired nicely with some green matcha tea in the afternoon.

Stormy Daniels Hemp Strain Effects

Stormy D is a great strain for those who are both new and experienced with hemp flower. Individual experiences will vary, but for me it is balanced and slightly calming. It does not have a 'heady feeling' like some strains that are genetically closer to marijuana. This is a good strain that can be used any time of day.

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Stormy D Lab Report

The Stormy D cannabinoid profile is very diverse. In addition to CBD and low levels of THC, there is CBDV, CBG, and CBC. These 'minor cannabinoids' are part of what makes a strain unique and contributes to the overall experience of the strain.

stormy d lab report

Stormy Daniels CBD Potency

Stormy D contains approximately 14% CBD (14mg per gram) which is fairly potent. Especially considering the diverse cannabinoid profile, Stormy has a great balance of potency and diversity. It is a flavorful hemp strain that is also very comfortable to use.


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